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Here are 5 free software to boost internet speed. These software are powerful and capable enough to boost internet speed and gives you an ultimate internet surfing and content downloading experience. Due to a slow internet connection, content downloading becomes very slow or sometimes it may even get cancelled. With the help of these free software to boost internet speed, you can enhance your internet speed and download content from internet in a great speed like never before.

Ashampoo Internet Accelerator


Ashampoo internet accelerator is one of the best and free software to increase or boost internet speed for slower connection which are modem based or Dial-up based. With the help of this free internet accelerator you can optimize the internet speed for ISDN, analogue modem, DSL via WLAN (Wireless local area connection) or other local area networks without DSL. This software to boost internet speed is an excellent companion for another tool known an Net Balancer which can manage the bandwidth consumed by each application. So by combining both these tools you can boost internet speed for slow connections. This free internet accelerator is available in multiple languages like German, English, Arabic etc.

Read More about Ashampoo internet accelerator or try it out here.



WireBooster is a free software to optimize and improve download speed of torrent downloads. The basic function of this software is to give you an awesome high-speed for torrent download. This software to boost internet speed or download speed has got a very simple and self-explanatory user interface. This download optimization software supports all major file sharing clients including few players like Azureus, BearFlix, Bit Torrent, etc. You need to simply install this awesome application, now launch a P2P client in your system, that’s it. Now enjoy speed torrent downloads.

Read more about Wire Booster or try it out here.



FeyAccelerator is one of the best and free P2P accelerator to boost internet speed for downloading contents. This free software supports some file sharing programs like LimeWire, Azureus, Bearshare, BitComet and few others. This free software basically works as an intermediary between the P2P client and the internet connection. With the help of this software, bandwidth consumption can be adjusted as per your requirements. You can easily install this software without any kind of mess up and works with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.

Read more about FeyAccelerator or try it here. You can increase or boost download speed with the help of Orbit Downloader.

Speed Lord P2P Accelerator


P2P Accelerator is another free software to enhance or increase the download speed of P2P clients. This free P2P accelerator supports all major P2P clients like Bittorrent, Shareza, eMule, uTorrent etc. You simply need to install this software and it will automatically interact with P2P clients which is already installed in your system and makes them work faster like never before. With the  help of this software you can push up the download speed up to 200%. It automatically resumes interrupted downloads , evaluates the bandwidth available for your connection. This P2P accelerator has got clean and user-friendly interface.

Read more about P2P accelerator or simply try it out here.

Robust Internet Speed Booster


Robust internet speed booster is another one of the best and free software to boost internet speed on your machine. With the help this free software you can boost internet speed by increasing the browser and modem  speed up to 500%. With simple and user-friendly interface it becomes easy to use this software. Internet speed booster makes changes to the registry settings in such a way that it enhances you internet speed. This free software supports high speed ISDN, LAN, DSL, CABLE, T1, etc.

Read more about Robust Internet speed booster here.

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