Free Mario Jumping Game: Mario Amazing Jump

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Mario Amazing Jump is a free Mario jumping game available for PC download. Perform those amazing jump stunts while running and collecting coins.

Mario Amazing Jump is a remake of the famous Mario forever game. In this game you have to just run on an island and collect coins, bombs, power-ups, etc. Make high scores and compete against your own high scores or challenge with your friends.

Mario jumping game

About Super Mario:

Super Mario is an Italian plumber guy with a funny attire. Mario resides in the Mushroom kingdom and his goal is to rescue the Princess Peach. He travels in various worlds of Mushroom kingdom to defeat the Turtle like looking monster; who possess the Princess peach in his castle. You can also play various other versions of Mario, click here to read about them.

In this version of Super Mario, you don’t have to rescue the princess or fight big monsters. You just have to hop along or make stunts to collect more coins and bombs. Make sure you don’t touch real bombs or ducks and loose life.

mario amzing jump

How To Play This Mario Jumping Game:

Install the game and open the game. Click on Start game and Mario starts running. While clicking, you may click on more games button by mistake and it will redirect you to it’s homepage. So, avoid clicking it to pause your game in between.

Unlike other Mario games, this game doesn’t have any complex controls or actions to perform. You can just jump using your mouse left click and shoot bombs at the ducks using button [A]. If you left click two times then Mario will jump higher and if you keep on pressing the left click he will spin all the way, till the spinning meter goes down.

Mario will run on his own, you just have to manage him to jump over those hurdles as well as collect coins and upgrades. If you hit a real bomb then Mario will die and the game will start all over again.

super mario

Features Of Mario Amazing Jump:

The features of this Mario Amazing Jump game are:

  • This game is available for free.
  • Simple gameplay involved.
  • Just collect coins and bombs.
  • Amazing stunts and jumps by Mario.

This Mario jumping game is a good time pass to play. Though there is not much action involved in this game, Mario Amazing Jump is fun to play. The sound effects are same like classic Mario game and graphics are also good.

Click here to Download Mario Amazing Jump.

Editor Ratings:
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Works With: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
Free/Paid: Free

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