Social Network For College Students To Post Patches, Chat Anonymously

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Blauk is a completely free social network for you college students to chat with your campus friends and post patches for them. Patches can be defined as titles, tags or compliments that you can give to other students on the campus, you like. You can also have anonymous conversations with your friends using randomly generated names provided by the website. It is an optional feature that you can use to protect your privacy. The website contains many other features as well that you can use like update your profile pictures, add friends etc.

Blauk, essentially, is a social networking platform where you can get in touch with your campus friends and interact with them. It helps you to increase your popularity and make new friends. The features included in this website have mainly been designed to be used by campus students among their groups. Let us see how it works.

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How Does Blauk Works And What Does It Do?

To Start using this social network for college students, you have to first sign up either with your Facebook account or with email. After you have created your account, you can add your campus details and send friend requests to other users you know or want to know. Once you are done you can start updating status, comment, and post patches for your friends.

Updating your status on your wall is a very common feature on all social media platforms. You can write anything and your friends can read, like, and comment on it. But, one difference while updating status on this website is that you can post your status anonymously. The status will be updated from your account, but no one will know that you posted it. The website will generate a random name and your status will show that name. Your friends can also comment on your posts anonymously. They will also get a random name and comment through it. All you need to enable this feature is to have at least 4 friends in your list.

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Another feature of this social network for college students is that you can post patches for your friends. As mentioned above patches can be considered as compliments or titles you want to give to others. The website contains patches like, Awesome smile, Trendy, and many more. You can select the post patch option in your account, select a patch, add a description about the person, and mention where did you see them in your campus. After you have posted the patch, if that person sees that patch and feels its for him/her, they can claim that patch. When they claim that patch you will get a notification to approve that claim. You can see that person’s profile and judge whether they are the one or not. If you approve the claim, you become friends with that person and can chat with them.

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These patches help in making you popular and get in touch with new people on your campus. When anyone approves a patch, it gets notified on the wall and everyone gets to know. This way you become popular on your campus.

Features Of This Of Social Network For College Students

  • Easy To use
  • Add new friends
  • Post and claim patches
  • Become popular
  • Have anonymous conversations
  • Upload profile pictures
  • Receive your campus updates

Final Verdict

A nice social networking platform with some really unique features.

Check it out here!

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