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Memopal is a free online backup service that allows the user to backup files online for free. This not only saves the hard disk space on the system, but also makes it possible for the user to access the files from anywhere in the world. Apart from simply allowing the user to backup files online, this free online backup tool presents a lot of options.

Memopal service application can be downloaded from Memopal’s official website and it provides as much as 3 GB of backup space for free and the interesting part is an additional 500MB can be claimed on referring a person to use the service. This is more than the free space offered by both Mozy, as well as Dropbox. Apart from this, this free web-based backup service provides interestingly  priced options for increased storage space.


Some other popular backup services we reviewed earlier include Mozy alternatives, and Dropbox alternatives.

The Notable Features of this Free Service are:

  • Automatic and continuous backup: The user can choose what to save. And once he/she has done that Memopal takes care of the rest. It just backs up the data online automatically, without intervention from the user. Further the user can  make continuous backups. Every change made to the file on the computer can be effected in the remote server onto which the file has been uploaded. This way the user need not  worry too much about backing up files, since the service does it automatically.
  • Ample Storage space:  Memopal  provides sufficient space to store even large files and with attractive pricing options the user can buy as much storage space as he wants.
  • Anywhere access: One great advantage apart from reducing the hard disk space consumption is that the user can access the files from anywhere. Also the user can install Memopal in as many as 10 systems using which he can access the service using a single license.
  • Email backup: Memopal also facilitates backing up emails of the user. The emails, files, attachments and other mailbox items can be saved on the remote server in a secure manner.
  • Intuitive and fast application: The application is so smartly built that the user can work really quick with it and with the intuitive interface that it has, using the service only gets easier.
  • Large file backup: Using Memopal the user can store and transfer files as large as 1GB. And thats big enough.
  • Sub versioning: The user can backup different versions of the files according to choice and the versioning allows the user to rollback to  previous versions of the files stored whenever required.
  • Security and Privacy: While doing all this the security and privacy of the user and the contents that are being stored/transferred is maintained. SSL standards and encryption techniques for data transfer ensure this.

All these features make Memopal , a really cool service to backup files on remote servers.

Try Memopal free.

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Works With: Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, iPad, Android
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  1. Thanks so much for the above information.It was so helpful.Could Memopal and SafeCopy backup be related in a way.The features are almost the same.

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