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LightNote is a free website to learn music online by playing instrumental notes. This website offers various music theory lessons along with interactive notes which you can play and listen to learn music with ease. Currently, it comes with 10 music theory lessons such as Sound Waves, Harmony, Pentatonic Scale, Chromatic Scale, Chords, Keys, etc. Each of the lessons comes with multiple principles and definitions along with playable and interactive notes. For example, if you explore the “Chords” lesson, then you’ll be able to know about chords, minor chords, major chords, diminished chords. Also, you will also see the interactive notes for playing and listening how the minor and major chords sound like.

If you’re a music lover and a Rookie to the notes of different musical elements like keys, chords, scales, intervals, and more, then this website is probably the best option for you to start learning them and enhance your musical skills and knowledge. Similar to other music learning websites which also helps you learn musical notes, LightNote does the same but with more detailed and easy to understand theories.

learn music by playing notes

Using LightNote to Learn Music by Playing Instrumental Notes Online:

To get started, visit the homepage of LightNote and there you’ll see a section named, “Course Content” below the introduction of the website. On this section, you can see the following music theory lessons offered by this website: Sound Waves, Harmony, Pentatonic Scale, Chromatic Scale, Chords, Keys, Diatonic Chords, Intervals, Consonance, and Timbre. The website also claims to include other music theory lessons soon like Rhythm, Chord Progressions, Diatonic Scales, etc.

course content

Now, you can simply click on any of lessons to start reading the theory and play the notes (wherever available) within the lesson. Let’s say, you’ve selected the lesson “Keys”, then at the top of the screen you’ll see the definition of keys along with an example. Apart from that, it will also display the different types of keys (if available) along with playable instrumental notes.

key notes

Wherever it says that the notes are playable you can simply click on any of the notes to play and listen to it instantly. Not only that, it will also give a detailed information about related notes like chromatic scale and keys, pentatonic scale and chromatic scale, and so on. Some of the lessons also include sample interactive sounds to test the frequency of the notes such as Timbre, Consonance, etc.

sample sounds

My Final Verdict:

LightNote is a pretty interesting and useful website to learn music online with detailed theories and interactive notes. Personally, being a music freak I would recommend this website to all of you music lovers out there for learning and creating great music. If you would like to improve your musical concept and catch on the tones, pitch, scales, etc., then don’t waste your time and give LightNote a try.

Try “LightNote” from here.

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