5 Free Websites To Learn To Read Music

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Here is a list of 5 free websites to learn to read music. These websites teach you the meanings of all the symbols used in music. Earlier we have covered topics like 5 Free Websites To Learn How To Play Piano and 4 Free Websites To Learn How To Play Guitar. But what if you do not know what all those symbols used in music notes, rhythms and scores mean? For this very purpose, I have come up with a list of these free websites that will help you in learning the language of music.

The 5 free websites to learn to read music reviewed here are ReadSheetMusic, Music Theory.net, Introduction To Reading Music, Teoria, and eMusicTheory.


ReadSheetMusic-learn to read music-tutorial

This is the first website to learn to read music. ReadSheetMusic provides you tutorials on all the different symbols used in notes, rhythms, and scores. These tutorials are supported by images to make you understand better. You can begin by learning the basics of how to read music wherein, you are taught about basic chords and symbols. After that, you can move on to the next tutorial and learn the basics of counting rhythms. The website also has a free eBook to learn to read music. You can also download this eBook on your system. Some other helpful tools on this website are a Music Dictionary, games that teach you how to read music, and more.

Try ReadSheetMusic here.

Music Theory.net:

Music Theory.net

Second website to learn to read music is Music Theory.net. On this website, you will find three important tabs. The first tab is Lessons. In this tab, you will find lessons on different notes, signatures and symbols of music language. These lessons come with demonstration, to help you to understand the right place and chords for these signatures and symbols. Another tab is Exercises. Based on the lessons you learnt, you have to identify the correct signatures, notes, chords etc. in these different exercises. The third tab is tools, where you get to practice your learnt lessons on instruments like a Pop-up piano.

Try Music Theory.net here.

Introduction To Read Music:

Introduction To Read Music

The third website to learn to read music is Introduction To Read Music. This website is like an online manual to understand various symbols, signatures etc. in music. You begin by reading the Introduction page after which, you have to keep moving to the next page to learn different items. Every page teaches you about something different. On the first page you can learn about two different Clefs. Then on the next page, there is a tutorial for Time Signatures. As you keep moving forward, you will learn about different types of notes used in music, symbols, types of Rests, and more. The website covers a wide range of music lessons.

Try Introduction To Read Music here.



Fourth website to learn to read music is Teoria. It contains Tutorials, Exercises, and Articles for you to learn from. The tutorials, like all the above mentioned websites, contains lessons on symbols, chords, scales etc. Videos have also been inserted in these tutorials to help you learn better. The Exercises tab also has a long list of exercises for your training and testing your learning skills. The most exclusive feature of this website is its Articles option. It contains articles by various artists who talk about various pressing issues and problems you might face while learning, etc.

Try Teoria here.



My fifth and final website to learn to read music is eMusicTheory. Basically, this is a paid website where teachers and students can sign up separately and learn to read music. But, the free resources tab on the home page provides you with some free lessons and online drills to learn to read music. It combines together all the links where you can learn music theory and makes them available for you at one place. It also provides link to a free eBook that teaches you to read and learn written music. This eBook can be downloaded in PDF format. The drills section lets you play all the learnt chords and lines on different instruments.

Try eMusicTheory here.

Try out all these websites and become a master in the field of music. You can even go on and create you own music, combined with some instrument. Tell us your views on these websites via comments column.

In addition to all these above mentioned websites, you can also try Score Date. It is a software for Windows that helps you to read and learn written music.

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