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Kinspir is a free online productivity tool that works like a social networking tool and helps you to stay connected with your clients. It increases your productivity by providing you the ultimate productivity platform. You can keep track of what you should do and what is already accomplished with this free online productivity tool. Once you start using Kinspir, all your data will be synced with various sources so you will be able to access them from any internet active device.

Kinspir provides you a workspace which is like a virtual desktop where you can add milestones, stacks and tasks and invite other people to work on them to achieve the same goal. This free online project management tool manages workspaces in a unique way which helps you to get more control over organizing all your data. You can assign tasks to stacks, collaborators and milestones. When you assign tasks or stacks to milestones, your team knows when they have to deliver the complete work. Stacks are like folders and any tasks under your workspace can be arranged into stacks.

Update (3-Sep-2012): Kinspir seeems to be no longer available. Instead, you can try BraintrustOfficeZilla and Central Desktop.


Kinspir is compared as a social networking tool as social network is Kinspir’s backbone. You can connect with other Kinspir users, share your workspace with them and communicate with them easily. There is a calendar where you get an overview of all your work to know when tasks are due. You will see all your stacks, milestones and task groups in the calendar. You will also receive notifications whenever some shares your workspace or when someone sends you a new message. This free online productivity tool is free at the moment and the developers of Kinspir are working on an enterprise version of Kinspir that will offer some additional services.

Features of Kinspir:

  • Create Workspaces: You can organize all your data by creating workspaces in Kinspir. It’s a virtual desktop where you can add milestones, stacks or tasks and invite people to work with you to complete them. It’s a unique way to organize data.
  • Tasks, Stacks and Milestones: You can assign tasks to stacks, milestones or collaborators. All the works under workspaces can be arranged into stacks. Milestones usually present works with a deadline. You can assign tasks to milestones to let your team know the absolute timeframe.
  • Calendar and Notifications: There is a calendar where you get an overview for all your tasks, stacks and milestones. Whenever a task is complete or some shares a workspace with you or you receive a new message from someone, you will receive notification.

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