History Map with 4000 years of Historic Rulers, Religions, Cultures

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In this blog post, you will read about a history map with 4000 years of historic rulers, religions, and culture. The map shows you data of 50 million interconnected data points. Also, you can read articles based on historical facts. Once you hover the mouse on the map, it reveals the country name. You can click anywhere on the map to view the article. Then, you can read about historical rules, religion, culture, etc.

The categories are helpful to sort results. You can find information by area, markers, epic, and migration. Also, read about other historical events such as battle, capital, castle, artists, religious, war, discovery, and others. The site lets you edit the details. Here, you can add data about history as well. It is a great place to acquire knowledge related to history. This historical map becomes interesting with the features like slideshow, images by geolocation, etc.

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Read about history with over 4000 years

History Map with 4000 years of Historic Rulers, Religions, Cultures

To view the past years, you can visit the website called Chronas. This is the historical map that has over 50 million interconnected data points. The map fetches the data of past 4000 years. It reveals about culture, historic rules, religions, and a lot more.

When you visit the website, a pop-up appears of default setting. There are three options; Clean & fast, Intermediate, and Complete.

The clean and fast category lets you browse only map borders and labels. If you go for Intermediate (set to default) then you can narrow down your results with borders, labels, and 2000 markers per year. The complete category has the entire history such as epics in timeline with maximum 5000 markers per year. You can change the language as well.

You can sort results by category. There are a few options on the left that are as follow:

  • Layers
  • Discover
  • Random Article
  • Configuration

In the category named Layers, you can find history by area, markers, epic, and migration. It becomes easy to find historical events by Ruler, Religion, Population, Religion Generation, and Culture. You can select markers manually such as capital, battle, artists, religious, castle, etc. Epics like war, discovery, primary source, migration, etc., can also be found.

Discover history with pictures

The second category; Discover lets you find historical events by year. Also, you can see highlights, epics, battles, people, and other facts. It also shows pictures of monuments and other art of history.

You can randomly read any articles. Here, the map shows you an article where you can find religion, province, ruler, culture, etc. You can view pictures and see population by years. Also, you can know which war was fought for what purpose.

The site lets you contribute your own ideas. Here, you can edit the details, ask questions, add data about history.

You can zoom in and out the map. On the top area, you will find the images according to the geolocation. Apart from this, you can open autoplay where you can set years for slideshow. Also, you can expand timeline view, reset the timeline, and search epics in the search bar.

In brief

Chronas is a historical map that lets you know about historical facts. The concept is great as it shows the data of over 4000 years. Also, you can sort results by years or other categories. You can read articles where it shows the data of history including wars, religion, culture and other issues.

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Editor Ratings:
User Ratings:
[Total: 5 Average: 2.2]

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