Get Restaurant Prices with This Free Map for Restaurant Menus

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Menu In Pictures is a free website to get restaurant prices with a free map for restaurant menus. This is a crowdsourced map for restaurant menus. You don’t need to log in to view the restaurant menus. All you need to do is visit the website. There you will see a world map. The map has red spots which indicate the presence of the restaurant at the place. Also, it shows the number of restaurants in certain areas. Then, you can go to view the place. You can hover the mouse over the red spot to know the name of the restaurant, cafe, bakery, etc.

After clicking on the spots the site displays a menu on the left. It also shows other small details, like, restaurant address, website link, and the latest date of the menu updates. You can share the menu via social media platforms as well.

Apart from this, the site lets you add pictures of the menu. It becomes quite helpful when you visit the same cafe or restaurant frequently. Then, you can be updated with all the latest prices of the restaurant menus. We have also covered an article that reveals about free websites to calculate food cost.

View menu with prices

Get Restaurant Prices with This Free Map for Restaurant Menus

Once you visit the website named Menu In Pictures, you will see a world map. The map is a crowdsourced map for restaurant menus.

The map lets you search for food, cafes, drinks, etc., for various places. It is simple to use this online service. All you need to see the map. There, you will red spots on the map as shown below. You can zoom in/out the map as well.

The map gets you all the country and state’s restaurants. It shows the numbers on the map. The number reveals the total numbers of restaurants at a specific place.

View restaurant menu price on map


You can click on the numbers to view all the restaurants. After that, you can hover the mouse so that you can know what place it is. It highlights the restaurant, cafes, etc with the red spot.

To view the menu with an updated price, you can click on the red spot. Then, you will see the menu on the left. The menu area displays information regarding restaurants that are as follow:

  • Date
  • Name of the Cafe/Restaurant
  • Complete Address
  • Restaurant Website link
  • Menu Pictures

The menu pictures have all the updated prices of food, beverages, etc. You can check out the prices of the restaurants near you.

You can share the menu through multiple social platforms. It includes Whatsapp, Twitter, Telegram, Facebook, Waze, and Email, where you can share the menu.

In brief

Map In Pictures is a great way to find the latest prices of all the restaurant menu. It becomes an easy way to find out your favorite restaurants, cafes with the menu picture. Apart from this, you can post pictures of the restaurant menu you visit most often.

Try this website.

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