5 Free Websites to Find Old Tweets

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Here are 5 free websites to find old tweets.

Using these websites, you can easily find any tweet from the most recent 3200 tweets available in your timeline. You can search tweets by entering the keywords or by selecting two different dates. Apart from this, some of these websites also let you find public tweets of any other user without signing in to your Twitter account. Many other interesting features are also provided by these websites. You can backup your tweets, find mentioning tweets, delete old tweets, etc. Have a look at these free websites.


Twitario- interface

Twitario is the best website in this list to find old tweets, including retweets. It provides a beautiful virtual diary in which you can flip pages to explore and read old tweets. You can find your or any other user’s old tweets by just entering the username or keywords. It would be time-consuming to flip pages one by one. Therefore, you can click on a particular year and month to easily jump to a particular date. Option to insert page number to explore tweets is also available.

Apart from just viewing the old tweets, you can also create a backup of those tweets which is an impressive feature. You can either choose ePub or PDF format to backup the tweets. It supports French, English, Spanish, German, and Portuguese languages and no sign is needed to explore the tweets.

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TweetEraser is another great website to look for old tweets, as well as delete unwanted tweets. So, it’s a handy website to get rid of useless tweets you ever posted. Apart from finding the old tweets, you can also check your sent and received messages.

You need to sign in with your Twitter account. After this, you can choose two different dates to find tweets. If you know some keywords that could be available in old tweets, then you can also search tweets by entering those keywords. When tweets will be in front of you, you can read the content of every single tweet and can also select tweets to remove from your timeline.

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Tweet Tunnel


Tweet Tunnel is a feature rich website to find old tweets without logging in to your Twitter account. Apart from finding the old tweets, it lets you mark any tweet favorite, retweet and reply to a tweet. However, you must sign in to use these features.

There are many interesting features that have made it one of the best website in this list. You can view background photo of your Twitter account, find public tweets of your friend, and send direct messages to all your followers. Another great feature of this website is that you will be able to send long tweets. So this is surely a handy website to try.

Snap Bird

Snap Bird

Snap Bird is also a good website to find old tweets and comes with multiple options. You will be able to find your friends’ tweets, received and sent messages, tweets mentioning you, and someone’s favorite tweets. So, couple of good features available in this website, and you can use any option according to your requirement. You must sign in to your Twitter account to use this website.

Unfortunately, you can’t select dates to filter and find old tweets. However, you can use keywords to find tweets. In the search results, it will show you 100 tweets, but you can explore more tweets using available button.


TwimeMachine- interface

TwimeMachine will provide you the list of all tweets on its very simple interface. You can quickly scroll down to see all the old tweets because only the text content and hyperlinks of tweets are visible. Date and time for every single tweet will also be visible to you. You can click on any hyperlink to open that particular tweet on your Twitter account.

There is no option to select dates which is a shortcoming of this website. However, search box is available to enter keywords and find tweets. When you will sign in with your Twitter account, this website will automatically load all the tweets on its interface.


These all are good websites to find old tweets for sure. Every website has its own importance and interesting features. However, my personal favorite website in this list is Twitario. Runner up website is TweetEraser because it has the option to find as well as delete your old tweets.

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