3 Free Online PDF Audio Reader Websites

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Here are 3 free online PDF audio reader websites. You can add PDF and then listen to the text content of that PDF. All these PDF audio reader websites have good and unique features also. For example, you can change voice to read aloud PDF, adjust voice speed, download PDF as MP3 file to listen to PDF offline, and more.

Do note these sites are handy only for searchable text content of PDF. If the text content is available on the image or PDF is scanned, then these won’t be helpful. In that case, you need to use some PDF OCR software or convert scanned PDF to searchable PDF so that you can have text content.

Let’s check these free online PDF audio readers one by one.


Naturalreaders.com homepage

Naturalreaders.com (Homepage) is a very good online option to play PDF file. There will be two different voices that you can choose on the interface of this PDF audio reader. It also lets you adjust audio speed which is a good feature. You can increase or decrease voice speed (from -4 to 9) using the available options. Negative value slow down speed and positive value increases voice speed. Keep the value to ‘0’ to play audio with normal speed.

It has many other features which make it more useful. You can adjust reading area, search and highlight text, zoom reading area, and more.

Once you’ve uploaded PDF file, you can select some text or simply start the audio from the beginning. After that, you can listen to the text content of your PDF file.

The feature to save audio file of PDF as MP3 is also there but that is available in the paid plan. Still, the free plan is good to read PDF file.



TTSReader has two advantages over Naturalreaders website. It comes with 3 voice options. UK English is the default voice option, but you can use other 2 voices also. Also, you can edit the PDF text and it will play that text for you. This feature is just awesome.

Voice speed can also be adjusted easily using the available options. Apart from that, you can use the option to jump to the beginning, pause and resume audio, and clear text. PDF size limit is not mentioned, but you can try to upload large PDF and see if this PDF audio reader plays it.


zamzar pdf to mp3

Zamzar is actually a file converter website which is very popular. But, it can be helpful to read PDF file indirectly. Basically, you can use its PDF to MP3 feature and then save output MP3 to PC. This website has some really good options in the free plan. You can:

  • Add 5 PDFs at a time. The size should not be greater than 50 MB for all files.
  • Add your email address to receive the output files.
  • Set ePub, FB2, DWG, HTML, or other format for output. So, apart from PDF to MP3, you can use it as PDF to ePub, PDF to FB2 converter, etc.

Add PDF files from your PC or add link of an online PDF. Begin the conversion and then save the output to your PC. Though it is not the direct option but it works and good.

The Conclusion:

Here I close this list which has online PDF audio readers. All these are good, so you can check which one fits to your requirement. For me, first two sites are great. However, Zamzar is a fantastic option when you don’t want to use some website to listen to your PDF file content. You can simply generate MP3 file of your PDF and then use it anytime. If you know about other text to speech site, which supports PDF file, then you can also share it with us using Comments section.

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