Free Add-on for Email Signatures: WiseStamp

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WiseStamp is a free Firefox, Chrome and Safari add-on that empowers your email signature. You can add automatic email signatures to all your outgoing mails. It lets you upload your own created design. You can add Font, Size, style, Color, images and much more to your signatures.

In addition, you can automatically share the signature created by you on your blog posts, Facebook or Twitter status and more. You can even create multiple signatures and put them under different categories like business, personal, friends, etc. Thereafter, you can insert them in your mails depending upon who you are writing to. For business or work mails use the signature stored under business heading, for emails to family use the personal one and so on. WiseStamp will automatically insert your signature to your web mail services. You can also add a personal logo or image to your signature. The availability of all such attractive features makes WiseStamp worth downloading.

Lets check out some features of WiseStamp:

  • Works well with Gmail, Google, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, AOL and many more
  • Option to act each signature as HTML
  • Add your personal feeds
  • Automatic signature insertion
  • Sync between computers

Here is how to get started with WiseStamp:

  • Go onto the website.
  • Choose your browser and click on Install.
  • Click “Continue” on the automated installation message.
  • Click “Install” to confirm your installation.

You will soon find an icon on you window menu bar at the top-right corner. You can click on this icon in order to create your email signature. You can also take a look at the email signature created by me below:


In order to get familiar with WiseStamp window page, you can take a look at the below given image:


The best part about WiseStamp is that it allows you to add various email apps, social icons and IM icons to your signature. For example if you are a blogger and want your Facebook page, Twitter page, or RSS feeds to appear in your signature, it can be done easily using WiseStamp. Just select the app you want to include in your signature and add the URL of your page. An icon or the latest feed or tweet will start showing at the bottom of your signature.

There are various design templates provided by WiseStamp to choose from or you can custom design your signature. The interface for creating a signature is very user-friendly and easy to use. You can preview a signature you created before saving it. You have the option to set a signature by default to appear in all your mails. But if you have multiple signatures stored in WiseStamp then you have the option to choose which one you want to insert in the mail through the WiseStamp icon provided.

In short, WiseStamp is a nice way to create you email signature and rid yourself from the hassle of typing out your credentials at the end of every email. Go ahead and give it a try. WiseStamp will make your life a lot easier.

Editor Ratings:
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Works With: Firefox, Chrome and Safari
Free/Paid: Free

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