Create Free Mockups Online for MacBook, iPhone, iWatch, iPad: MockMagic

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In this article, you will read about a free online web application that allows you to create free mockups online.

Mock Magic a free web application that allows you to create mockups for Apple Products for free. This web application is extremely simple to use and generates mockups in less than a minute. You can create as many mock ups as you want with this web application and it will not cost you anything.

This web application can prove to be of extreme help when you have your design ready and you just want to show the client about the looks of the designs on an apple device. This process will be immense help to show the client about the visuals of the design using the mock ups from Mock Magic.

Create Free Mockups Online for MacBook, iPhone, iWatch, iPad: MockMagic

Mock Magic is a free online web application that is designed to provide you the platform for creating free mockups for the Apple products including MackBook, iPhone, iWatch, iPad, and Apple TV without any sign up. Apart from the Apple products, you can also create a number of mockups for other companies’ devices as well. However, this web application can be of great help when it comes to creating the mock ups for the Apple products.

You can start using this web application as soon as you visit the homepage of the website. This website do not require any sign up or log in process, hence, you can click on the “create a mockup – it’s free” to start with your first mock up.

The website will then redirect to their online mock up studio page where you can start with choosing the device that you want to create the mock up for.

Mock Up studio

There is whole list of the device that includes Apple products as well as other companies’ devices to select from.

Choose device

Once you have selected the product, then you can start with choosing any specifications for the product that you want, such as color variation and the orientation of the device.

Adjust device

The next step is to upload the design that you have created for the mock up. For the testing purposes, I have used a simple art design as a mock up.

Drag the uploaded image on the device screen to see the mock up design.

As per the design, the device screen will automatically adjust its orientations, whether its landscape or portrait.

Mock up design


Download the mock up in your device and you’re now ready to show the mock up design to the client.

In brief

Mock Magic is a one of the simplest web application that helps in creating in the mock up designs for free. Moreover, there are no distracting elements in the sight when creating the mock up, hence, the overall experience is positive.

Try this web application here.

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