5 Free Websites To Create Birthday Invitations Online

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Here is a list of 5 free websites to create online birthday invitations. As the title suggests, you can create free birthday invites for your friends and send it to them online.

Creating online invitations is one of the many changes Internet has brought to our lives. In fact, Facebook has gone another step further, where you can just create an event and send it to everyone as an invite. But, sending personal invitations still holds its merits. It adds the flavor of emotion and regard that we feel for our guests. Considering this fact, and other factors like time and money, a free online invitation maker seems best for every occasion. You save a lot of money, and make your guests feel important at the same time. These websites also don’t let you compromise on quality, as there are some amazing templates available to create online invitations. Let us have a look.

The 5 free website reviewed here are Your Moments.com, Paperless Post, Invitation Land, Evite, and Purple Trail. 


Your Moments

Alright, the first website where you can create online birthday invitations is YourMoments.com. The website is specifically meant to create online invitations that you can share with your friends and relatives. It follows a wizard like structure and you have to go through a 6 step procedure to create your invitation. It begins by selecting the basic things, like: theme, occasion, etc. There are a couple of themes available for free users. Once done, you move on to the next step where you add personal details, photos, and a personalized message for your viewers. In the next step, you can review the personal details, and start adding content to your online invitation. The free account lets you add content notes, embed video from YouTube, and a couple more. Finally, you can share the it with your friends you wish to invite.

Paperless Post:

Paperless Post

Paperless Post is the second website that provides you with the option to create online birthday invitations. This website comes with a large collection of templates that you can use for various occasions. You can edit these templates according to the occasion and send it to your friends. Birthdays are a prominent occasion and you will find a lot of templates particularly for that. You can edit the message in these templates, adjust the font, before you enter the recipients details and send it. The invitations can be emailed by adding the email id’s of all your recipients.

One thing that needs to be understood here is this website is free only when you have coins to spend. You get a certain number of coins when you use the website for the first time. The coins will keep exhausting as you use your account more and more. Once all the coins are over, you will be required to pay money. Don’t worry, there are ways to keep earning more and more coins. Use the website to know these ways ;)

Invitation Land:

Invitation Land

Invitation land is another free website where you can create online birthday invitations. To help you in this endeavor, there are lot of templates available. Not all these templates are free. You can identify a free template by the ribbon on it (as in the screenshot above). These templates can be edited to let you add all the details regarding the event. Details like location, date, a personal message etc. can be added to it. Once the invitation is ready, download it in PDF format. The downloaded PDF format can then be sent to everyone via email.


create online birthday invitations

Evite is the next platform to visit in order to create online birthday invitations. This is an exciting platform, to say the least , with a separate iPhone & Windows 8 app. It does not require you to create any account, and lets you directly begin with the task at hand. The first step is to choose a design, and then add the details. Different details are added at different steps, and you begin by adding your personal details and a message. Then, you move forward to adding list of all the guests to which the invitations have to be sent. The list can be added manually or directly imported from Facebook. Finally, you have to choose from certain options available. You can allow your guests to invite their own guests, hide the guest list, and more. All these options make Evite an interesting platform to use.

Purple Trail:

create online birthday invitations

Purple Trail is one of the more popular online invitation makers used by free users online. It has thousands of free templates that can be used for occasions like birthday parties. The framework of the website is very similar to other website of this genre. All you have to do is select a template, personalize it by adding details, and send it to your friends online. While personalizing, the website allows to you edit things like font, size, background colors, etc. in your template. There is an entire set of editing tools that you can use for free. Lastly, there are a couple of options to share these invitations as well. You can print the card and then send it to your friends, but that will defeat the entire purpose of using an online portal. So, you can send the invitations via email instead.

Try out all these platforms and create some amazing online birthday invitation cards. You can also give us your feedback via comments.

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