TwitterGPT: Respond to tweets with AI generated replies

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Are you or someone you know, an active Twitter user? There might be times when you see a tweet or a post on which you really want to respond, but you don’t have an idea about how to start and what might be a suitable reply.

Don’t worry, we have found a Google Chrome extension, TwitterGPT, that can be your personal retweet assistant while using Twitter. Keep reading to know more about this extension.

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But before talking about it, let’s talk about ChatGPT. It is a website that uses AI algorithm to generate answers and results to any questions or terms entered by the users. It feels like you are having a conversation with a human being. In my opinion, it is a must try website for all. You can check it out by clicking below.

Now coming back to our topic, TwitterGPT is an extension that helps you generate tweets with the help of AI. They can be used as suitable replies for any tweet you like.

All you need to do is:

  • Open the extension and add it to chrome.
  • Open Twitter and select the tweet to which you want to respond.
  • Click on the extension and select your writing style (you can make it funny, smart or something valuable).
  • Then click on generate response.

Within a few seconds, your AI generated responses will be ready.

You can even change the writing style if you don’t like it in one way or the other. Simply copy and paste them in the retweet section. If you want you can edit it a bit, according to your preference.

This extension can be of great use for those who want to grow their twitter accounts and sometimes get stuck with the problem of what and how to respond to some tweets. It can be a real time-saver.


There aren’t any major limitations that you’ll face while using this extension, except that the responses generated by it are limited to only a few and sometimes may not match with what you really want to answer, but most of the times they match the purpose.


To summarize, the extension Twitter GPT can be a very useful tool for all twitter users, as it makes replying to tweets a lot easier and convenient for them. No need to spend time thinking about making a retweet. Just let the AI do the task.

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