Free Google Maps Scraper to Download all Google Maps Search Results

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Google Maps Scraper by Gosom is a free and open-source tool to scrape Google Maps Search results. It takes queries from you in a TXT file and then downloads all the search results from those queries in a CSV file. Or, you can also use it to save the scarped data in a PostgreSQL database. It is basically a command line tool and uses the Playwright under the hood to scrape Google Maps and give you the data.

In the final result, it includes the following information about each place that it scrapes from the Maps.

Link, title, category, address, open hours, popular times, website, phone, plus code, review count, review rating, reviews per rating, latitude, longitude, cid, status, descriptions, reviews link, thumbnail, time-zone, price range, data id, images, reservations, order online, menu, owner, complete address, about, user reviews, and emails.

The final CVS file that it gives can be opened in Excel and then you can share that with someone as well. It comes as a standalone binary, and you can install and run it directly from the command line without worrying about dependencies.

Reasons to Scrape Google Maps Search Results:

  1. Market Research and Competitor Analysis
  2. Lead Generation
  3. Location Analysis and Demographic Studies
  4. Sentiment Analysis and Brand Reputation Monitoring to improve customer service, address customer concerns, and enhance brand perception.
  5. Price Comparison and Product Research
  6. Disaster Management and Emergency Response
  7. Personal Use and Convenience
  8. Academic Research and Data Analysis
  9. Developing Location-Based Applications
  10. Enhancing Accessibility and Inclusion

Now whatever reason you have, you the tool will help you. The next section will show how to use this tool.

How to Scrape Google Maps Search Results?

You simply first start by downloading the EXE file of this tool from GitHub. Here I am using it on Windows, but you can also use it on other platforms as well.

Now, open the Terminal in the same directory where you have downloaded the EXE file.

Create a TXT file in the same folder and add search queries in each line. Save this file as example-queries.txt or with some other name.

Input Queries for Google Maps Scraper

Now, you just run the command like this. First time you run it, it will take some time as it will download the required internal tools and browser automation tuff. So, just let it.

./google-maps-scraper -input example-queries.txt -results restaurants-in-ok.csv -exit-on-inactivity 3m

Run Google Maps Scraper

Once it starts downloading the data, you will see the progress in the terminal window. It looks something like in the screenshot below. Just wait for it to finish. If you have specified a lot of queries, then it will log time. So, just be patient.

Google Maps SCraper in Action

Once it is done, you will see a CSV created in the same folder. You can double click it to open in Excel. In the Excel, you will see the data about the various places that it has extracted for you. You will see all the essential details and then you can do whatever you like.

CSV Google Maps Scraper

This is it. In this way. you can use this simple and powerful Google Maps scraper. Just download and save information about all the places at any location and use it in the way you want. It wors for all locations worldwide. To get the accurate results, you just have to define your queries accordingly.

Closing thoughts:

If you want to get the list of all the restaurants in your area, then you can use this Google Maps Scraper. Or, for any other Google Maps Places data, you can use it. The process is very simple, and I have explained it above already. So, just download it and then start using it right away.

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