Connect, Test, Download Free Postgres Sample Database by UI Bakery

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UI Bakery is now providing free Postgres sample database for testing. You can use the sample database to test your applications without running local PostgreSQL instances locally or on the cloud. Just use any of the 6 databases that UI bakery provides and connect to them via any Postgres database client. or, you can connect to those databases directly by entering the DB credentials.

There is no sign up or anything like that required in order to get the database credentials. The websites support 4 types of authentications and you can select the one that is best for your app. For now, you can get database credentials as connection URL, traditional username-host-password, psql command, and pgcli command. There are 6 database templates to choose from and they come with mock data too.

Database for eCommerce, booking system, pet care clinic, website analytics, task management, and car dealer is there. You just select the one for your app testing and copy down the corresponding credentials. This is as simple as that.

Connect, Test, Download Free Postgres Sample Database

Connect, Test, Download Free Postgres Sample Database by UI Bakery

Since you don’t need any kind of sign up or anything like that, so you just simply go to the main website here and you will see list of all the available Postgres databases. You can see them in the screenshot below.

UI Bakery SQL Playground

Now, you simply click on the database that you need for testing. It will then show you the database credentials that you can copy. You can either copy the connection string or the username/password along with host and port. There are other database authentication methods given there which you can consider.

Postgres Database

Just open any PostgreSQL editor and then simply connect to the selected database. Enter the database credentials and after successful connection, you can list schemas from it. All the data tables will be displayed there. You can browse the mock data that they come with.

Postgres Database Connection in Dbeaver

The database is editable and you can insert or select data from the database. Use SQL to do that. If you are using an advanced SQL editor then you can opt to make the database diagram. Or, you can also dump the PostgreSQL data from the database to your local disk if you want to.

Postgres Database ER Diagram and SQL Query

In this way, you can use this simple and powerful free sample Postgres databases. For now, there are only 6 that you can choose from and I don’t know if there will be more in the coming days. Use these databases based on the kind of app that you want to test. Also, I’d like to add that do not use these databases for production as they are only suitable for testing, if you do that then it will create load on the existing servers and will create instabilities.

Final words:

If you are looking for some free Postgres databases then you are at the right place. Just use the ones that this website here provides and utilize them in mobile or webapp testing. I liked the fact they come reloaded with a lot of mock data which will help you optimize and design complex queries for the apps.

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