Practice Programming Online By Competing With Other Programmers And Bots

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Let me introduce you to CodeFights, a website to practice programming online by competing with other programmers and bots. This is a very interesting place for budding and experienced programmers. Along with competing with programmers, you also get to practice for programming interview. What all you can do here? Practice programming interview, solve programming challenges, practice programming in arcade mode, compete head to head with a programmer, challenge bots from various companies, and participate in programming tournaments. For each type of programming practice, you will be given programming problems to solve. With each challenge or problem you solve, your progress is recorded, and you also get to win reward badges.

This is how the homepage of CodeFights looks once you signup. Let us take a deeper dive and get to know briefly about the modules to practice programming online.

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Modules Available in CodeFights To Practice Programming Online:

Interview Practice

This module has been designed for you to practice programming for interviews. There are various topics that you can choose from to practice. The topics are categorized under Data Structures, Sorting and Searching, Dynamic Programming, and Special Topics.

Under each topic, there are various levels that you have to clear by solving programming problems. Each level has specific time under which you have to solve the problem.

This is how the interface of the work area looks like where you have to solve the problem. This is the standard programming workplace for each module where you have to solve the problems. The problem is available on the left and you have to code on the right hand side. You can also look for a clue here if you want.

Moving on to next module.


In this module, you will find various challenges created by other programmers. You can read the short description about the challenge by hovering your cursor over one. Take a challenge and solve the programming problem to win rewards. There are many challenges that you can choose to practice programming online, simply browse through pages to view them. You can also sort challenges according to status, difficulty, and type.


Arcade module is just like an arcade game for programmers. There are various levels, and under each level, there is a map. You have to reach the end of the map by solving programming problems. The levels are related to basic programming, database, core programming, python, etc. Again, for each quest, you have to solve programming problems. Playing this Arcade module with help you practice programming online.

Head To Head

Head To Head fight lets you challenge random programmers from all across the world. As you start a challenge, you will be matched with a coder of your level. Then, you both will be given a problem to solve by programming. You aim is to solve the problem as soon as you can and in the best way. You can view the stats of random fights to see how many fights you played, won, lost, or how many were draw.

Company Bots

If you want to challenge bots of famous companies, then this is the module you should go for. Here, you will find bots of companies like, Uber, GoDaddy, Quora, SpaceX, etc. A random programming challenge is provided, which you and the selected bot will solve. Once the challenge is complete, the scores are registered on the table, which can be viewed by anyone. The top ten scores are displayed on the bot’s page.


CodeFights organizes Programming tournaments on regular basis. You can join a tournament along with many programmers and solve programming problems. Tournaments go on for a limited duration and focus on random topics. This will also help you practice programming in a competitive environment.

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Apart from these modules provided by CodeFights to practice programming online with other programmers and bots, you can also invite your friends for the same. Invite your friends via Facebook or Google +, then add them to your profile as friends. You can also challenge your friends to practice programming.

To track your performance, you can visit your Profile anytime. Simply click on the menu button from the top right corner of the website and select the My Profile option. This will open up your profile. Here, you can see your progress, your level, badges earned, and your profile picture.. You can even add a profile picture to your profile.

Final Words

CodeFights is a dojo for programmers from all across the globe to practice programming. The one on one challenge and bot challenge makes this website an amazing place for programmers to geek as much as they can. If you are one of those programmers, this website is not to be missed at all.

Are you ready for CodeFights? Click here.

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