TactioHealth: iPhone Health App To Track Health, Daily Routine

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TactioHealth is a free iPhone health app which lets you track your health including daily routine. The app analyzes health across a wide range of categories and also displays corresponding reports. These reports include numerical data as well as graphical presentation. The graphical presentation consists of different color combinations which not only make it easy to understand but also make it appealing to users.

The app helps you in tracking 3 different health related issues: Cardio Vascular, Type 2 Diabetes, and Metabolic Syndrome. You can track various other things via app like Body Weight, Daily Steps, Physical Activity, Nutrition Plan, Blood Pressure, Cholesterol etc..

You can also enter your daily routine like your weight at any particular time, number of steps taken, physical activity done, glucose, blood pressure, and other different things as well. You can even choose to write notes, add photos/audio notes to the app. The app helps you to set goals for maintaining/loosing/gaining weight including the goal for minimum number of steps you should take. Apart from this, you can use Journal option to track all your progress in which you can check the different activities performed by you. Finally, you can check all your reports and detailed analysis in the form a single PDF, which you can share by email or by printing it.


Using TactioHealth iPhone Health App:

If you are an existing user of TactioHealth, then you can use the same account for using the app, otherwise you need to register with the app before proceeding. While registering with the app, you are required to enter a lot more details as compared to other health apps out there. The app wants you to fill a wide range of details about your body, your medical history, your eating habits, etc.. Although it might feel as if they are asking for too many details, but as you use the app, you will feel it was obviously needed. Among the details, you also need to enter whether you want to lose weight, maintain weight, or gain weight. Depending on your choice, the app sets goals for you.

TactioHealth Homepage

After the registration, you will see the home screen of the app, with quick view of different aspects of your health like: Steps, Weight, BMI, Body Fat, Waist, Activity, Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, etc.. This information is displayed only on the basis of activities done by you on current day.

You can see that there are three types of circles: Red, Green, and Gray. The Red circle signifies that goal is yet to be reached, Green circle signifies that goal has been reached while Gray one signifies that you haven’t entered details about those activities.

At bottom of the screen, there are three health issues: Cardio Vascular, Type 2 Diabetes, and Metabolic Syndrome. You can tap on any of them to know your chances of getting that particular problem. But, you are supposed to enter the minimum details required by app to display the probability.

Checking Probability

As I have mentioned in the beginning of article that you can also enter your daily routine activities in the app. To add them, tap on the icon at top right side. You will get two options: Measurements and Notes. The Measurements option lets you add different activities like Weight, Steps, Physical Activity, Glucose, Pressure, and various others. You can also enter these details on the basis of a particular time. Similarly, the Notes option lets you Text note, Photos, and Audio notes (up to 20 seconds).

Adding Daily Routine

Other Features of TactioHealth iPhone Health App:

  • Goals: Check what is your daily health goal and how are you performing against it. You can also check your overall goal and number of days left to achieve it.


  • Journal: Check activities done by you on any particular day. You will see all the activities displayed via 3 colors: Green, Red, and Blue. The Green ones are those which are matching with your goal, Red ones are not matching with goal, and Blue ones which remain same.


  • Report: This option lets you view complete detail about your health and different aspects related to it. You can view report for 2 weeks, 4 weeks, 3 months, 6 months, and 1 year.


  • Tracking Pages: This section lets you check graphical presentation of various sections like Body Weight, Daily Steps, Physical Activity, Nutritional Plan, etc.. Simply tap on the particular category to view its graphical presentation.

    Trackng Pages

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Final Verdict:

TactioHealth is a good iPhone health app for tracking your health as well as daily routine. The app displays the details in both normal form as well as graphical form, which makes it easier for you to understand them. I really liked the feature of PDF report generated by the app as you can share it with any expert to know more details and info about your health. If you want to monitor your health, then do give this app a try.

Get TactioHealth here.

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