Free Chess Game For iPhone With About 20 Different Levels: Chess V

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Chess V is a fee chess game for iPhone to play chess against human as well as computer. This game has a large variety of categories of matches to play. You can play any level against computer. The app also offers various methods of customizing the game by using different chess boards, piece sets, view angle etc. The game lets you do unlimited undo and redo of the moves so that you can learn it faster, if you are a newbie.

This chess game also provides you hints about various pieces on the chess board, as well as their possible moves. This, again, helps you in leaning chess on your iPhone.

Chess Game Main Window

Key Feature Of This Chess Game For iPhone:

  • Free to download and use.
  • Choose to play against a human or computer.
  • Customize the chess board, piece sets, etc.
  • About 20 levels to test your skills against computer.
  • Unlimited undo and redo of moves.
  • Show last move.
  • Hints and tips to improve your play.

Gameplay Of This Chess Game For iPhone:

You can download the Chess V game either by searching on the iTunes App Store or by clicking on the link given at the end of this review. Whenever you launch the game, it automatically starts a match against computer. You can continue to play that game, or you can play a custom match by quitting the match. To quit the match, tap on the note style icon (marked in screenshot below) and select Next game option from the pop-up menu. When you quit the game, you will see the options to customize the match according to your wish.

Playing A New Chess Game

From here, you can select the color of piece sets as White or Black and choose to play against a human or computer.

The game has various difficulty level of play to choose from. Some of the difficulty levels are: Beginner, Novice, Amateur, Intermediate, Difficult, Expert, 1 sec/move, 2 sec/ move, 5 min/game, 20 min/game, 60 min/game, 180 min/game, and many more.  You can select any difficult level to check your intelligence level as well as skill level against computer.

Once you have made the choice, the match will start. During the match, you will see a chess board and piece sets on the screen with a dock of options at the bottom of the screen. You can use these options to enhance your playing experience. These options are:

  • Undo: This option lets you undo any move which you might have played by mistake or if its a wrong move. You can use this option to do as many undos as you want.
  • Hint: This option gives you a hint about playing the right move. Tap once to see the hint and double tap to play the move.
  • Help: If you are new to chess or you are confused about how to use pieces, then this option is always there to help you. Tap on the piece about which you want to know, followed by a tap on this option. It will show you the name of the piece along with the move which can be played using it.
  • Advanced Options: Use this to view and access advanced options for the game. You can check the last move played, pieces in danger, change the preferences, see statistics etc.

Customizing This Chess Game For iPhone:

I have told you how to play this game, but now its turn to customize the game to make it look more beautiful and different than other chess games. You can start customizing this chess game by tapping the icon on the extreme right of the dock containing above mentioned options. When you tap the icon, you will see that there are 4 more options. These options are:

  • Chessboard: Use this option to customize the chess board. You have 6 types of chess boards to choose from.
  • Piece Sets: This app also lets you change the appearance of piece sets. There 4 types of piece sets to choose from.
  • View Angle: You can change viewing angle of the chess board from here.
  • Timer: It lets you customize the background the screen where the time and played moves are displayed.

Customizing Chess Game

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Final Verdict:

Chess V is a very good chess game for iPhone. I really liked the variety it offered in the difficulty levels and personalization. The variety is so good that I never felt like I am playing the same game again and again. It always looks new and different. If you are a chess game lover and looking for a game with different challenging levels, then do try this game. It surely is worth a try.

Get the Chess V chess game from here.

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Works With: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch
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