5 Free Websites To Create Slideshows Online

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Here is a list of 5 free websites to create slideshows online. You can convert your best memories into one great movie and add background music to it.

I personally feel that such slideshows are a great way to preserve your memory. They add an extra touch of emotions to the memories you made and help you to cherish them forever. Apart from the emotional touch it gives, making a slideshow and saving it on your system is also very convenient. You can clear out a lot of space and pictures that get lost somewhere in the bundle also come upfront (Well, we are obsessed with space and convenience in this field).

The 5 free websites to create slideshows reviewed in this article are Kizoa, PhotoPeach, Animoto, Slidely, and Roxio PhotoShow.


create slideshows online

The first website to create slideshows online mentioned in this article is Kizoa. You need to create a free account before you introduce yourself to the feature enriched world of this website. The website lets you create slideshows and collage of your favorite pictures and add background music to them. The website has its own library of templates, background music, background images, etc. that you can use in your slideshow. All this can be accessed for free.

To create a slideshow, you have to go through a defined procedure. The first step is to upload photos. You can upload multiple photos at a time and the number of photos that can be added is not mentioned anywhere. The website supports popular image formats like JPG, PNG. Once uploaded, you can arrange the images in order and choose a template for your slideshow. The website has its own library of background audio, but you can also upload an audio file from your PC. There are other features as well like download slideshow, share it online, etc., but you need to have a paid account to use them.


create slideshows online

PhotoPeach is the next website in the queue to create slideshows online. It is another interesting platform with some very useful features. However, the free version of this website is much simpler as a lot of features have been reserved for paid users. Nevertheless, it is worthy of being considered as a potent option to create slideshows online.

The website allows to upload as many photos as you want. You can create one album of photos and then you can use them in your slideshow. These images do not remain in your account once you have created a slideshow. You have to upload a new set of pictures every time you create a slideshow. However, you can save your slideshow in your account. In the next step, after uploading pictures, you have to enter a title, decide speed of your slideshow, add captions to your slideshow, and set background music. You can access the online music gallery of the website or search YouTube for your background music. The option to upload music from PC is for paid users. After all this is done, just hit Finish and wait for a few minutes for your slideshow to appear.


create slideshow online

Animoto is the next platform to create slideshows online. This amazing platform comes with a cool set of features, but as one can expect not all of them can be used for free. There are a few limitations for free users of this website. You cannot create a slideshow of more than 30 seconds, and the option to download your slideshow is also not available for free users.

To create a slideshow, you have to start by choosing a style or template. There is whole gallery of styles to choose from, but only some of them are available for free. Next, you can upload pictures and videos from your PC and arrange them in order.  You can also add photos  from Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox, etc. Option to add captions, background music, and preview your slideshow is also available. However, you can only choose music from the website library and cannot upload it from your PC.


create slideshows online

Slidely is the next website in this list (and my personal favorite) to create slideshows online. It is also a social platform as other users of the website can view your slideshows and comment on them. The best thing about this website is all the features are free to use and they are very useful. You can upload photos either  from your PC or from websites like Facebook, Instagram. The maximum number of photos that can be uploaded is 90. You can also upload background music from your PC or import it from YouTube. Finally, the website also provides you the option to choose from various themes for your slideshows, option to preview slideshow, add description, and a couple more.

One of the very interesting feature of this website is that you can try out all the different themes while you are previewing your slideshow. You do not have to stop the preview, go back, choose another theme, and preview it again. You can try out all the themes while your slideshow is running and save your favorite option out of them.

Roxio PhotoShow:

Roxio PhotoShow
create slideshows online

Sounds like the name of some modern photo studio, doesn’t it? Roxio PhotoShow is another free, and the last in this list, platform to create slideshows online. Like other websites, it allows you to upload multiple photos, add background music, add details, and finally generate a slideshow for yourself. You can go through this entire process choosing not to create an account, but then your slideshow will not be saved.

Once you uploaded the pictures, everything else can be done in the preview mode. You can add music, captions, bubbles, stickers, and much more to your slideshow. However, very few music tracks are available to be used for free and you cannot upload your own music. There are a lot of different styles as well that you can choose for your slideshow. Once everything is done, you can save it and also have the option of sharing it.

Try out all these websites and gift yourself  some great videos created out of unforgettable memories. Do not forget to give us your feedback.

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