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Here, are 5 free PNG optimizer to optimize PNG images with an ease. PNG is a major image format that is widely used across the world. Optimizing PNG images means improving them by resizing them without any loss in the image quality. These PNG optimizers are easy to use and helps you to optimize PNG images in the best possible way. Download and try these PNG optimizer software for free.

PNG Optimizer

PNG Optimizer is a free PNG optimizing tool that helps you to optimize PNG images in the best possible way. Apart from optimizing PNG file, it even acts like a conversion tool that converts various formats like JPG, BMP, GIF, TIFF, etc to PNG format in an easy way. With the help of this PNG optimizer, you can easily reduce the size of PNG files without worrying about the image quality, as it preserves or retains the original image quality. PNG optimizer comes with a very basic and straight-forward user interface that offers self-explanatory options. So even the beginners can easily use this PNG optimizer without any confusion. Download and try PNG optimizer for free.

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 OptiPNG default window

OptiPNG is another free tool to optimize PNG files on your computer. OptiPNG is basically a command line tool, so it does not have an interface, hence you need to open up your system command line for using this free tool. Using OptiPNG, you can resize your PNG images without losing the original image quality. In addition, this command line tool even helps you in Metadata recovery. OptiPNG even comes with a PNG image integrity checkup feature which helps you to look for any damage or any other problem associated with a PNG file. The good part is that, this free command line PNG optimizer comes in a file size of only 100 KB, which is really very small as compared to other similar software.

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PNGOUT is also a free command line PNG optimizer which helps you to optimize PNG files present there on your computer. As it’s a command line tool, you will not find any interface of this software, hence for using this tool, you need to open command line in your system. For using this PNG optimizer, you need to open the Windows run box or system command prompt, and type in PNGOUT with input and output file name, and leave the rest to this free PNG optimizer. It will perform a smart and lossless optimization of the input file. Download and try PNGOUT for free.

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 PNG optimizer

PNGGauntlet is another free PNG optimizer that helps you to optimize PNG files in the best possible way. It is basically the UI version of PNGOUT. This free PNG optimizer offers a smart image optimization that is entirely lossless in terms of quality. PNGGauntlet even let’s you covert images in formats like GIF, TGA, JPG, BMP and PCX to PNG format. This free PNG optimizer even lets you reduce the size of multiple PNG files effortlessly all together. For optimizing PNG files, you simply need to add the files, choose your basic options and start the optimization process. Download and try PNGGauntlet and start optimizing your PNG files.

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File Optimizer

 File Optimizer complete optimization

File Optimizer is a free software which helps you to optimize several file types on your computer like audio, applications, images, archives, and office documents. This file optimizer supports image formats like ICQ, TIF, BMP, JPEG and of course PNG. You can easily reduce the file size of supported file formats with the help of this file optimizer. This is not an archiving tool, it only affects the size of the file which you input to this software. If you have loads of files on your computer taking a lot of your hard disk space, then it’s a got idea to reduce their sizes so that they take less space. Download and try File Optimizer for free.

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