4 Free Online DJ Mixer

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Here is a list of 4 free online DJ mixer. These are free websites that let you easily mix your favorite music without any fuss. You are not required to have any technical knowledge as the website provides simple and easy to understand features to mix your favorite music. The aim is to provide a free platform where even a novice can mix sounds and enjoy. Also, since everything is done online, there is no tension of downloading any software, or any music. Some of the websites even let you upload your own music, other than finding music from various online channels. Let us find out more about them.

The 4 websites reviewed in this article are Until AM, MuzzicDJ, Mixify, and partycloud.

Until AM:

Until AM

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The first online DJ Mixer mentioned here is Until AM. It gives a complete feel of being a DJ as you can change songs at will, insert various effects, adjust volumes, scratch turntables, and much more. All these features can be used for free, without signing up for it. The website also allows you to upload music from your PC, or search for it online. You can search and add songs from SoundCloud.

Operating this website is quite a simple task. The songs you search or upload are available on the right-hand side of the console, from where you can drag and drop it on your turntable. There are two turntables- Right and Left; and music plays on them simultaneously. You can add various effects to it by moving the cursor below the turntable; speed, volume of the song can also be adjusted.

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Muziic DJ:

online DJ mixer

The next online DJ mixer you can use is Muziic DJ. This is yet another simple to use website that provides you with a virtual console where you can mix your favorite songs. You can sign up for a free account and use various features available like scratching turntables, adding effects to songs, rewind, control timing of tracks, auto crossfade songs, and more.

As you reach the interface of the website you will see an entire console available in front of you; two turntables, options for beats and effects, reverse, play/pause music, brake, and more. The music you add on the deck can be taken from YouTube and you can also create a playlist of your favorite music. The tracks you create by mixing music are also saved for you. Keyboard shortcuts to add loops, instrumentals, beats etc. to your track are also provided.


Onlne DJ mixer

The next free online DJ mixer website is Mixify. It has an easy set of tools with some interesting options to check out. You can begin with browsing thousands of songs available on Mixify and SoundCloud. Once you have found the right songs, you can drag them on the decks. Once the songs have been added, you can add sound effects to them and also use the features like vinyl scratching. The songs can also be downloaded and shared on platforms like Facebook, Twitter. There is also one events options; you can create your own events or join other DJ’s in their events.

The deck on which you operate has a few interesting features to mix music. The are sliders to adjust song speed, sample sounds available to listen for free, lever to adjust sound levels, sound effects like Phaser,  Distort, and more. Try them out and make some good music.

If you are a Chrome user and an app lover, Mixify is also available as a Google Chrome app. The features of the website and the app are identical. Read more about it from here.


online DJ mixer

The last online DJ mixer that you can read about in this article and use for free is partycloud. The website boasts of having a database of over 20 million songs that you can mix. It has a very good-looking deck with all the necessary features that you may require. There are categories like Hot songs, Recordings ( wherein your mixed songs are stored), Favorites ( wherein your favorite songs are kept), and more.

The procedure to mix songs on this website is quite similar to other platforms. You have to add the songs on deck, adjust volume, speed, add effects, adjust bass, loop, SFX, and more. Your recordings are saved automatically in the recordings section and you can listen to them whenever you want.

The website also has one more interesting option that I really liked. It is called Automix and is meant for busy DJ’s. In case you are working on something else, you can simply select the songs of your choice and turn on Automix. Your song will be automatically mixed and saved.

We often tend to believe that mixing music and creating new ones is best left for DJ’s as it requires quite a lot of professional skills. However, with these free websites you can take on the role of DJ and mix music easily on your virtual console. Even though it is obvious that we will miss out on a lot of technical features used by professionals, the options available are good enough to create some fun music. Try out these 4 online DJ mixer and let us know your thoughts about them.

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