5 Free Android IRC Clients

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Here are  five Android IRC clients which we think are the best. Each one of them have unique set of features, so download and try them out, see which ones suit your need the best. If you find any other good IRC clients for android, then do let us know in comments.

Anyway, if you are new to IRC, I would suggest you check out What is IRC?. Now, let’s move on to testing some good IRC clients for Android. If you are not a Android fan, check out IRC clients for iPhone.


AndIRC interface

AndChat is one of the coolest looking Android IRC client with its awesome retro UI, which feels like you are using IRC in a terminal application. To add a server just click on the add button, fill up the details, and save it.  After that the server will come up in the server list and you can connect to it by clicking on it.

The  app is one of the best IRC clients for Android. The application offers all the features that good IRC client must have like: Chat logging, Multi-Server support, Multi-Charset support, UTF-8 Detection, Multi-nickname highlighting, Customizable notifications etc. The application is fast and light. This Android IRC client also supports tablet optimized layout. It comes with the ability to create an ignore list so that you can deal with those pesky users. I would definitely recommend this app to anyone.

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androirc interface

AndroIRC is another cool IRC client for Android. It offers really polished UI. It follows the ICS/JellyBean design pattern, which makes the Android IRC client look quiet modern and well-integrated with the Android environment. You can swipe to navigate from on server to other server, this makes things more manageable on a mobile device. It supports logging of all your chats. It even comes with the ability to share your location. One special feature that makes it even better is that it supports mIRC colors. The application also has UI that is optimized for running on the tablet.


Yaaic interface

Yaaic (Yet Another Android IRC Client) is modern looking Android application. Like all other IRC apps it also has a huge list of features. Swiping to navigate from one server to other is amazingly smooth on this application. This android IRC app is free and open-source which makes it even better. The app supports NickName auto complete and colored NickNames which makes it easy to chat in a channel. One fun features that I really love is that it supports Graphical smilies.

Qicr lite:

qicrliten interface

Qicr lite is the new kid on the block; it’s still in beta. But is starting to get noticed, and has been given a good rating on Play Store.  It is under constant development and the developer listens to the demands of the users. One awesome fact is that the beta users will be automatically upgraded to premium version when it comes. So I really recommend that you download it now.  It has quiet an impressive list of features and the developers are working on a whole list of new features. If you don’t mind little bugs and want to get the premium version for free, this app is for you.

Simple Irc:

simpleirc interface

Simple Irc as another android IRC client that I would like to recommend. As the name suggests, the application is simple in all its aspects. But it offers all the features that is required in a good IRC client. The app is very simple and intuitive. The application is fast and light. The interface is quiet nice. The app also supports mIRC colors and emoticons. To sum it all the app is simple in every aspect but has all the features that should be there.

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