Check Data Usage In Windows 8 With Data Usage App

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If you are wondering and worrying about the data usage because you are on a limited data plan then try out Data Usage for Windows 8. This app shows data usage for Windows 8 easily.

Windows 8 has an in-built option that provides you with the ability to check the data usage we covered it in a tutorial earlier. But the in-built option does not break down the data usage or shows stats about it. Here is where Data Usage comes in to the rescue.

Check Your Data Usage In Windows 8 With Data Usage

This app breaks down the data usage in Windows 8 and shows the stats in a graphical form. The graph that is shown in the app is color coded so that you can see how much data is being downloaded, uploaded, and the total data usage with complete ease with just a single glance.

The app also offers you the ability to set data plans so that you never cross over the data limit and get charged extra for the amount of data consumption. With this app you can set monthly data limits and see how much of the monthly data did you use up.

How to Set Monthly Data Limits in Windows 8 and Use Data Usage App:

You can download Data Usage from the link provided at the end of the post.

If you are using multiple internet connections, then you can switch between them by clicking on the network profile as shown below in the screenshot.

set monthly data limits

To add a monthly quota just click on the setting buttons and you will have the interface as shown in the screenshot below. Here you can the set the data plan, billing period start date, and data plan type  and just click on the save button to save your data plan.set data limit in data usage app

Here you can see the data consumed by your device in the last 7 days. If you want to switch to the graph that shows the data according to the  billing period then click on the option located on the right of the 7 days option and you will be able to see the data consumed as per your data plan. Also you will have the total data displayed in front always as shown in the screenshot below.

data comsumed Data Usage

Features of Data Usage for Windows 8:

  • See all your data visually in a color coded graph.
  • Enter data plans and view statistics based on the billing period of the app.
  • Ability to see statics for  different networks interface.
  • simple and easy to understand interface.
  • Avoid over billing with this simple app.
  • See upload and download statistics of the app.
  • Create custom, weekly, and monthly billing period.

To download the app and check your data usage in Windows 8 click on this link. Also try out the Free network usage app in Windows 8.

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