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Thoosje Sidebar is a free software to add sidebar and gadgets in Windows 8.

If you are a little nostalgic, find gadgets useful, and would like to get back Gadgets in Windows 8, then try out this completely free application that brings back the sidebar and gadgets in Windows 8. Also this application will work with older version of Windows

Thoosje sidebar is a free application that brings back gadgets in Windows 8. The gadgets in this application look just like the ones on Windows 7; but the developers have developed a completely independent gadget system that is specially designed to work with the new Windows 8 operating system.

Gadgets In Windows 8

You can look at the screenshot above see how natural and amazingly similar these gadgets looks to the gadgets in Windows 7 etc.

The application comes by default with 11 commonly used gadgets like : CPU/memory gadget, Calendar gadget, RSS feed gadget, Search gadgets, quick launch, Media player, Hard Drive gadgets, clock gadget, etc. The developers are also saying that additional gadgets will be available soon.

Features Of Thoosje Gadgets In Windows 8:

  • Entirely newly redesigned sidebar engine specially developed for Windows 8. So that you can enjoy your old Windows gadgets in Windows 8.
  • The application comes with 11 In-built Windows Gadgets. All of them exactly look the same as the ones that were in the older version of Windows.
  • The application also allows you to run multiple instances of a gadget in Windows 8. Also, like the original application in the older versions of Windows, Thoosje sidebar for Windows 8 allows you to keep the gadgets running in the sidebar as well as on the desktop in Windows 8.
  • New and redesigned Gadget manager that looks and functions in a similar way as the original Windows one. You are greeted by the similar interface when you want to add more gadgets to the sidebar.
  • Gadgets are individually customizable with in-built settings. So, you can change and customize the gadgets according to your needs and requirements.
  • Customize your sidebar’s transparency and background. To do so, open gadget manager, and navigate to preferences then to the sidebar tab. Here you can change the number of pages in the side bar, select a background from six predefined themes or use your custom image, and at last you can change the transparency of the sidebar according to your need.
  • Automatic detect and download new language files from server.


In simple words the application provide the functionality that its claims. There are a little bugs and hiccups in the application for now, which will be fixed as the application matures. But with all the new live tile and wonderful application that are coming up for Windows 8, I did not find any particular use of this application for Windows 8. If you find gadgets useful or productive then go ahead and download this free application and get gadgets in Windows 8 for free.

Download Thoosje free.

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Works With: Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
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