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CraigsList Reader is a free Craigslist search software that lets you perform a Craigslist search in multiple cities. You can specify your search term and the cities in which you want to perform that search, and this free Craigslist reader will show results from all those cities.

Craigslist reader also provides advanced search options that let you quickly narrow down to the particular items you are looking for. For example, apart from specifying the words that you are searching for, you can also specify the words that should not be included in the search results. Apart from that, you can also perform to do the search on selected categories or sub-categories.

Craigslist Reader

Craigslist comes with an email client like interface. On the left side is the complete search panel where you can specify your search term, and provide advanced options. Once you click on search, Craigslist reader will fetch all the results in right side. You can sort the results by location, price, and more options. When you click on any of the search result, it is loaded in the bottom panel, and you can quickly read that Craigslist post.

The keyword search of Craigslist reader is very powerful, and lets you customize your Craigslist search in any way you want. Apart from providing positive and negative keywords, you can even provide phrases, and use “OR” , “AND” clauses.

I believe the best feature of this free Craigslist reader is the multi-city, multi-country, and nationwide search. I really miss this feature in Craigslist.

This Craigslist search software does not has an option to save your searches in case you want to repeat those searches again. That feature is available in the paid version of Craigslist Reader called Craigspal. But the free version is also good enough if you are interested in doing multi-city Craigslist searches often.

Download Craigslist Reader free.

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