Gif Delayer: Firefox Extension To Delay Playing GIF Till Its Downloaded

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Gif Delayer is a completely free extension for your Firefox browser that delays playing any Gif file till it gets downloaded. This way it ensures that there is no unwanted buffering while your Gif is playing. The extension is specially meant to erase any such buffering and provide you with a buffering free preview of your image. It is a very easy to use extension which keeps running in the background. You just have to add it to your browser, and, the next time you open a Gif file it will not play till its completely downloaded.

Buffering is a very common problem in Gif files every time you open and play one. Especially in heavy Gif files it can get very irritating as it stops in between and takes a lot of time to move forward. Gif delayer takes all your irritation out of the equation and provides you a hassle free preview. Let us see how it works.

Gif delayer-Gif delayer-downloading

How Does This Gif Delayer Works?

This Firefox extension does not come with any interface or anything and it runs in the background. All the work is done automatically. All you have to do is add this Gif delayer to your browser and sit back & enjoy your Gif without any interruption.

Once you have added it, you can start opening your Gif files like normal. The difference you will notice this time around will be that the Gif will not start straightaway. It will take some time to load the Gif and then only it will start playing. A ticker will be displayed below the Gif (as you can see in the above screenshot) signalling that your Gif is being buffered.

Gif delayer-gif delayer-Gif image

The time this extension will take to buffer a Gif depends on the size of the Gif. To test its efficiency to buffer heavy files I specifically chose a couple of heavy Gifs while testing. Going by the result of testing, I have to say that it might take a little time to download but its very accurate and efficient. Even the time taken is not that much so as to make you feel irritated.

Features Of Gif Delayer

  • Efficient
  • Easy to use
  • No interface
  • Runs In background without troubling you
  • Downloads heavy Gifs efficiently
  • Plays Gifs smoothly

Final Verdict

Gif Delayer solves probably one of the most commonly faced problems by users and it does that very smoothly and without letting anyone know. If your Gif does not play instantly and takes some time before opening, it means that your extension is performing its task and is building a completely smooth Gif preview for you. Add this extension to Firefox browser for sure.

Get this Gif Delayer here!

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