Free LinkedIn Tool to Suggest Comments for a Post using AI: Top of Mind

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Top of Mind is a free LinkedIn tool to suggest comments for a post using AI. Here this is an intelligent extension that analyzes posts in your feed and automatically suggests you a comment to post. It uses intelligent algorithms to analyze content of posts and then generate a relevant comment for it.

Here this extension basically scans all the posts as you browse through the LinkedIn news feed. As it encounters a post, it automatically generates a comment for you to post. Not only that but it also has option to post the comment in a single click. You will not have to copy-paste the comment text that it generates.

If you don’t like a certain piece of text that it generates for the comment, then you can opt to generate it again. Also, there is an additional option to filters the posts by 1st connections only.

LinkedIn Tool to Suggest Comments for a Post using AI: Top of Mind

Free LinkedIn Tool to Suggest Comments for a Post using AI: Top of Mind

There is no registration or LinkedIn authentication required for this Top of Mind extension to work. Install it from Chrome Store and then start using it right away.

Just open LinkedIn and then start scrolling through the timeline. It will detect posts in the feed and will display them on its interface automatically. Click on its icon from the toolbar to see all those posts. It will automatucally generate a comment for you to post as well.

generate Comment for LinkedIn

Click on any comment in the extensions interface and then post it instantly. This is as simple as that. Or, if you don’t like a certain comment, then you can click on the reload icon to generate another comment.

Top of Mind in Action

In this way, you can use this extension to help you come up with comments to leave on posts of your connections.  The extension works brilliantly and you only have to open it and post comment in a click.

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If you are an avid LinkedIn user, then you will like this simple Chrome I have mentioned here. It generates perfect one liner comments using AI that you can post in a click. You can post comments with this in hassle-free manner and do whatever you want. Overall, I liked it as it would save some that you’d have spent in thinking about what to comment on your connection’s posts.

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