Comment from Business Profile under any Post on LinkedIn with this Plugin

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Comment as Company is a simple and free Chrome extension to comment from business profile under any post on LinkedIn. Use the tool mentioned here to switch between personal/work profile that lets you. With this, you can post comments on LinkedIn in just one click. To post comment as your organization, you will not have to manually switch to your business profile. The extension helps you do that in just a single click. It adds an extra option in the comment box that you can just use to post comments from your businesses profile. This is as simple as that.

Sometimes it can be exhausting to switch between personal and work profiles on LinkedIn. And most of the time, you may want to post comment or post replies from your business profiles. And switching between personal/work profile is not that straightforward. That’s where this extension I have mentioned here comes in. You can just use it to quickly post comments on any post from your business profile as it adds an explicit option there to do that.

Comment from Business Profile under any Post on LinkedIn with this Plugin

Comment from Business Profile under any Post on LinkedIn with this Plugin:

Using this simple extension is actually pretty simple and straightforward. You just install it from Chrome web store, install it and then just forget about it. Next, you just do a refresh, and you will now see an extra option on the comments thread, sowing your business profile name. Just see the screenshot below.

Comment as Company Chrome extension

To post comment, you just click on your business name, and it will take you to a new page and will also switch your profile. Now, you can post comment from your business profile. And you can do this every time you are logged in your personal profile. You can keep posting as many comments as you want from your business profiles.

Comment as Company in action

In this way, you can use this simple Chrome extension to post comments from your LinkedIn business profile. This is as simple as that. The extension has no settings or other tweaking option. It only serves one purpose, and you just add it to Chrome and forget. And when you don’t need any more then you can just remove it.

Closing thoughts

If you are a LinkedIn user and admin on a page then you will not find it switching to your business profile very easy with this Chrome extension. Just add it to Chrome and keep posting comments from your business profile in one of the easiest way possible.

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