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NEWT Professionals is a free network inventory scanner that performs super fast scanning of the systems connected to your local network and provides in depth details about them. It’s a powerful application that can scan around 100 PCs in less than 5 minutes.

Most of the network inventory and remote administration tools take lot of time and high bandwidth usage to discover and scan systems in a local network. NEWT Professional stands apart by providing hassle free, faster scanning. It quickly scans all the machines in your local network and provides ample information about the system, network, device drivers, services, software, memory, virus definitions, etc.

Free version of NEWT Professionals works for up to 25 machines in a network. If your network has more machines, then you will need to go for the paid version.

newt Professional interface

Scan your Network Inventory with NEWT Professionals:

To scan all local machines in your network, just launch the app and click on the “Scan” button on toolbar. This will start discovering and scanning all the machines in your local network and displays super fast results.

newt Professional scan

To view detailed information on various machines connected to your local network, you need to first make connections to gain access to each of them. This can be achieved by entering the username and password of each machine in the Credential Manger.

newt Professional credential manager

After that, when you click on the Scan button, NEWT Professionals verifies the user name and password of each machine and create connections to gain access to each of them. It then displays a detailed report of each computer covering system information, network information, hard drive configuration, RAM slots, temperatures (CPU/GPU/hard drive/ system), IP and MAC addresses, printer setup, installed software and services, virus definitions, and lot more in a spreadsheet format.

newt Professional scan details 01

To view information of individual machine, just double click on the corresponding spreadsheet entry or select “Machines>Details of (machine name)” option from the menu bar.

newt Professional mohit

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Key Features of NEWT Professionals:

  • Super Fast Network Inventory Scan: NEWT Professions works in a multi-threaded environment and provides super fast results while scanning machines in a local computer network.
  • Detailed Information on machines: It provides more detailed information than any agentless systems, such as true Internet IP and MAC addresses,  hard drive temperature, detailed RAM Slots info, printer setup, network adapter configuration, detailed antivirus info, USB version, Operating system information, and lot more.
  • Scanning or Discovery Modes: NEWT Professional offers two modes of operation. In Discovery mode, discovery is performed and scanning must be initiated manually. In Scanning mode, discovery is performed followed by automatic scanning.
  • User Friendly interface: It provides a user friendly interface with most common commands listed at the top panel for easy access. Moreover, the Interface tab of the Preferences menu allows you to change the look and feel of NEWT Professional.
  • Credential Manager: The custom credential manager allows you to gain access to different computers in a network through a common interface.
  • Enable Custom Scan Option: It provides a Scan Properties menu which allows you to limit the scan only to the selected items.newt Professional scan properties
  • Easy to View Spreadsheet Format: You can view details of all the machines together within a single table type spreadsheet format.
  • View Individual Machine Details: On double clicking any entry from the spreadsheet, the details of that particular machine will be displayed in a separate window in a concise, easily readable view.
  • Tab Manager: the Tab Manager allows rearranging and reordering the columns for easy viewing. It is accessible from the Tools menu.
  • Exporting: NEWT Professionals allows you to export all the data or data for selected machines as HTML, CSV, text, or Excel (XLS) files. It also allows exporting the data into fully relational Microsoft Access 2000 (MDB) file.
  •  Compatibility with Windows NT family : NEWT Professionals is compatible with all NT Based operating systems.


It’s absolutely free for 25 machines in a local network.


You need to purchase the software license if you have a large computer network comprising more than 25 machines.

The Final Verdict:

NEWT Professionals is a fast and reliable network inventory and discovery tool that provides super fast scanning of your local machines and displays lot of information regarding hardware and software components that comprises a computer network. It’s a useful tool for network administrators who need to maintain and monitor the active data network connecting local machines. And since it is available free for 25 machines that too without expiration, it is an optimum solution for all small business users.

Download NEWT Professionals free.

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