SalesClark: Virtual Shopping Assistant to Find Best Laptop

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SalesClark is a virtual shopping assistant that helps you in finding perfect laptop and desktop for your needs. SalesClark asks you questions about what you are looking for, and you can type answers in natural language. Based on your responses, SalesClark finds best matching computers for you, and gives you a link to purchase them. Simple!

Update (1-Sep-2012): Sadly, this website is not available any longer. It was a fantastic experience chatting with SalesClark.

SalesClark uses artificial intelligence to chat with you. When you start chatting with SalesClark, it asks you what do you want to use the computer for. Now, this is a pretty open-ended question, and there can be tons of possible answers to this. But SalesClark does a pretty good job in understanding your answers most of the time. For example, I typed blogging, and SalesClark understood that I am looking for a laptop to write. I tried many more complicated answers, like “watching movies, browsing internet, listening music”, and SalesClark was able to understand those too.


Once you have specified your purpose of use for the computer, SalesClark asks you if you have any particular preference. For example, you can specify RAM, or screen size, price range, or even brand.

Just after a few questions, SalesClark is able to narrow down the searches to a few computers that match your requirements, and then shows you their price as well as reviews from users. It also shows you a link to purchase that computer directly from an external website (SalesClark does not sells anything itself).

SalesClark Results

I really liked SalesClark. I especially like the fact that all the communication is in natural language. It does not gives you a list of options that you have to choose from. Just give answer to the question as if you are talking to a real person, and SalesClark would understand it (most of the times).

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Now, some of the experienced users might not like choices made by SalesClark, as they already know exactly what they are looking for. But I believe SalesClark is ideal for people who are not much familiar with a computer, and are trying to buy one (I recently met a lady in a mall who asked me: “Which computer is better: Windows 7 or HP”?). They believe they have to always buy a top-end computer, even though their requirements are quite basic. And that always lands them with an expensive computer (also read: save money on buying laptop).

For such people, SalesClark is a perfect solution as such people can just give their requirements to SalesClark that what they intend to use the computer for, and need not worry about technical details of the computer.

SalesClark is completely free, does not requires any registration, and does not requires any download. Just go to, and start chatting. Even if you don’t need a computer, do try it out. It’s quite awesome.

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