5 Free Websites To Watch Time Lapse Videos Online

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Here is a list of 5 free websites to watch time lapse videos online. These websites contain a lot of good quality videos among different categories that you can watch for free.

To put in simple words, Time-lapse is a technique of photography in which everything appears to be moving faster. This is done through lowering the frequency at which frames are captured. These frames are finally combined together, and result in videos that seem to be moving faster than the normal course of time. These videos look really nice and are a work of great professionalism.

Although, there aren’t a lot of platforms that provide users with time lapse videos, some of the websites have dedicated themselves entirely to this task alone. I have reviewed 5 such websites for you below.

The 5 websites reviewed in this article are Primelapse, Site-Eye, TimeCam.tv, OPENFOOTAGE, and timelapse.org.


Update 2022: This website no longer exists now. We recommend you to try some other alternative instead.

time lapse videos online

Primelapse is one platform where you can watch lots and lots of time lapse videos online. The website clearly mentions that it has 4502 time lapse videos from a total of 150 countries. All these videos from different countries have been divided into different categories, and you can choose a particular country to watch time lapse videos from that country. Apart from this, there are other categories as well: view by theme, view by technique, and view by location. Some new & uncategorized videos are also combined together and placed in a different tab.

Primelapse easily has one of the biggest collection of time lapse videos, and all of them are of great quality (at least the ones I saw). They come along with a description and can be liked and shared on social networking platforms. Lastly, the website even allows you to upload your own time lapse video on the website. The option is given on the home page itself. Try it out from the link above.


time lapse videos online

Site-Eye is another good platform to watch time lapse videos online. The number of videos, as compared to Primelapse, is very few, but the ones available are great in quality and content. Site-Eye is basically a leading time-lapse production company with a long list of customers. They make time-lapse videos for their clients, that come at a cost, and upload some of these videos on their website for people like us.

Apart from watching time lapse videos, you will also find some other useful stuff on this website. There is a lot of information about different techniques of time lapse, lots of photos, and more.


time lapse videos online

TimeCam.tv is the third website in this list to watch time lapse videos online. Basically, TimeCam.tv is an online platform to create time-lapse videos online with the help of any internet camera or webcam. But, since we are only concerned about watching time lapse videos, we can skip talking about this part. There is an example tab on the website, where you will find a lot of example time lapse videos. Since all these videos are created with webcam and internet camera, the quality is obviously mediocre.

While you are watching these videos, you can adjust their speed and time range. The video is available for different time ranges: 2 hours, 24 hours, one week, one month, one year, and 5 years. You can select the time range you wish to cover while watching the time lapse video.


time lapse videos online

OPENFOOTAGE is yet another platform with lots of time lapse videos that can be seen online. The long list of videos have been divided into different categories; select a category, select a particular video in that category and start watching. No registration or account is required to watch these videos. You can watch the videos in two different modes; small screen mode,full screen mode, and can also share them through video URL.

After Primelapse, this platform has the biggest collection of time lapse videos.They are also of good quality. The only drawback of watching time lapse videos on this website is that all the videos are watermarked. This looks like some unnecessary interruption.  Nevertheless, the videos are worth checking out.


time lapse videos online

The fifth and final website in this list is timelapse.org. This website can prove to be a good source if you are looking to learn some basics of time lapse technique, as well as watch some good quality time lapse videos. There are two different tabs that contain videos for both purposes. The basics are also learnt through video tutorials available on this website.

The website has a lot of time lapse videos that have been divided into different categories. One great thing about these videos is that there is little compromise with its quality. The website uploads some great quality videos that can also be shared with others.

All these above mentioned websites have some really nice collection of time lapse videos. You can watch them all for free and also learn a thing or two about time lapse photography, at the same time. So, try them out and give us your feedback in the comments section below.

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