Free Website to Clone your Voice to Speak a Foreign Language

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[Total: 0 Average: 0] is a free website that lets you speak a foreign language easily. It helps you listen to how would your voice sound in different languages. records your voice and converts it into a foreign language according to the text entered. All you have to do is to record your voice for sampling, select a target language and then enter the text you want to be spoken in the final audio. You can enter the text in the target language for the best results. The generated audio will have your voice speaking the language you selected and the text you entered. You can listen to the audio there and make changes if you want. And if you like the audio, you can save it to your device. The final result is stored in WAV format.

How to use

Visit the website,

The home page will have some introductory text along with the tools and features. home

There on the home page, you can see the tool to convert your voice. The process includes three steps.

Step1 – Record your voice: Here you record your voice. You can speak anything. Try to speak clearly for better results. As the tool uses this recording for your voice sampling. The better the voice in your recording, the better will be the result.

Step2 –  Choose the Target language:  Select a target language from the list, in which you want your voice to be converted. Right now there are three languages available to pick from which are, English, French, and Brazilian Portuguese. You can choose any of the three languages and listen to your voice speaking in the selected voice.

Step3 – Input Sentence: Here you enter the text which is going to be spoken in the language. For the best results, enter the text in the target language here. The text in the same language will yield the best results for you. This way, you can listen to your voice speaking a foreign voice thoroughly. So, first, translate your text in the target language using any free tool and then paste the converted text here in Step3.

After you’ve been through all three steps completely, click on the “Submit” button. The website will take a few seconds before generating the audio. The results are shown at the bottom of the page. You can listen to the audio there, and if you like it, you can download it by clicking on the three dots on the right side of the clip. Or if you don’t like the audio, and you want some changes, you can do it and then save the changes accordingly. Convert

Conclusion: is a fun website. I can enter some text and listen to myself speaking different languages easily. Now I don’t have to learn a new language from the scratch or use any heavily paid app which requires loads of skills to do the same thing which this website is doing for free. You can also try and listen to yourself speaking different languages.

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