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Humi is a free online HR application with dozens of useful features like recruitment, payroll, unlimited employees, documents upload, time off tracking, employee management, detailed reports, etc. Using this HR management application, you’ll be able to manage your employee details, keep and track payroll records, upload employee documents (like letters, contracts, and agreements), track and control time off, and much more. The best part about this HR application is that it is completely cloud based and you don’t need to download any server or additional software to use it.

Another interesting feature of Humi is that the added employees will be able to update their information in their individual dashboard, which also minimizes the time-consumption and burden on the admin. One of the best features of this application is that it lets you recruit new employees right from your Humi dashboard. Similar to another amazing HR solution called “CharlieHR“, this one also sends you notifications in the “Inbox” for activities that occur in your Humi account.

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Note: Currently, Humi is available for Startups and Companies in Canadian Provinces only. When you add a company, it will only accept the Canadian province for company address.

How to Setup your Humi HR Account:

Step 1: First, go to the homepage of Humi and hit the “Get Started” button. After that, it will start asking you the following questions related to your company:

  • What is the name of your company?
  • What province is your main office in? (you can only enter a Canadian province)
  • What city is your main office in?
  • What is your main office address?
  • What is your main office phone number?
  • When was your company founded?

Step 2: Once you’re done entering the answers for the company related questions, it will come to ask your personal details as mentioned below:

  • What is your first name?
  • What is your last name?
  • What is your job title?
  • When were you hired?
  • What is your work email?
  • Enter a non-work email to login with.
  • Enter a password for your Humi account.

After that, the account dashboard will appear and you will be able to use all the Humi features and modules.

Let us get started with various modules that Humi offers:

Personal/Employment Info: This module can be used to keep the following employee details: first name, last name, work email, job title, work location, department, reports to, start date, emergency contact, compensation type, salary/hourly rate, employment type, paid time off policy, stock options, and additional terms.

personal info

Contracts, Letters & Agreements: This module lets you and your employees create and upload various documents like offer letter, agreements, onboarding contracts, employee handbook, welcome letter, and more to the Humi cloud. You can create new documents using the pre-defined templates of Humi.


Recruitments: This is one of the best and unique module of Humi which allows you to hire new employee by sending offer information right from your HR dashboard. Humi makes hiring new employee lot easier, as all you got to do is attach offer documents, configure onboarding options (like payment method, company signature, shirt size, dietary restrictions, etc.), then enter the employment details, and finally send the unique onboarding URL using which the employee will be able to come onboard.


Payroll: Payroll Connect module lets you automatically keep your payroll system up-to-date with changes which occur in your Humi account. Your employees will also have their own payroll dashboard in their respective Humi portal. It lets you integrate your existing payroll system from the following services: ADP, Wagepoint, Wave, and Intuit QuickBooks.


But, before connecting your payroll service, you need to make Humi the broker of record for benefits and insurance plan and then authenticate Humi to the payroll system.

Time Off: The time off module allows all your employees to put a request for time off (morning, afternoon, full day, or multiple days). The requests will be visible on your admin dashboard and you can either decline or grant the requests from your employees.

time off requests

Colleagues: This module will be visible on the dashboard of all your employees and they can use it to view information of colleagues like basic information, employment information, etc.


Administration of Humi HR Application: The admin will be able to manage the employee information, hire & terminate employees, create custom time off policies, etc. So, let you give you a brief explanation of the admin rights on Humi.

  • Add Employees: The admin will be able to add unlimited employees to the company and send the unique onboarding URL to each of the employees for letting them onboard the company.
  • Terminate Employees: Apart from recruiting new employees, an admin will also be able to terminate an employee if something goes wrong or requested by the employees.
  • Paid Time Off Policy: Humi allows the admin to create custom paid time off policy by giving a name to the policy and then configure vacation leave, limit vacation days, days accrued annually, accrual start date, accrual frequency, waiting period, negative balances, carryover policy, year end date, sick leave, and personal leave.
  • Time Off and Sick Days Overview: One of the major roles of an HR admin is to maintain the employee time off details and keep track of leaves, and Humi lets you do the same with ease.
  • Offices: If you’re an admin of the Humi HR account, then you can also add multiple offices and add separate employees to the companies in one Humi account.
  • Managers and Admins: The administrator of any Humi account will also be able to add company members and assign their role either as a manager or admin.

Features of Humi free online HR application:

Benefits: Humi lets you integrate your benefits and insurance accounts and make Humi the broker for them. The supported services are ManuLife Financial, Sun Life Financial, Great-West Life, RBC Insurance, Desjardins, Blue Cross and Encon. It even lets you submit requests for other benefit/insurance services if not listed in the supported services.


Inbox: It is a notification center where all the activity alerts will pop up like time off request, onboarding, and more.

The number of employees allowed: Humi lets you add as many employees as you want and send them onboarding URLs to come onboard.

Guided Onboarding: The invited employees will be able to use the onboarding URL and follow the guided onboarding steps to join the company without any difficulties.

Reports: Humi can also be used to generate and export detailed reports of various HR aspects:

  • Addition & Terminations: This report shows how many people were hired or terminated in the past year.
  • Gender Profile: The gender profile report displays the distribution of men and women in your company.
  • Salary Profile: The salary profile report will show the distribution of total annual salary across departments in your company.
  • Time Off Balances: This report shows you the cash value of the current time off balances for all your employees. This is calculated by multiplying their current PTO balances (days remaining) by their salary, then dividing by 250 business days per year.
  • Age Profile: The age profile report shows the distribution of age in your company.
  • Departments Profile: This report shows the distribution of employees across departments in your company.
  • Headcount History: This report shows the headcount over time, by a department. The total height of the curve represents the actual company size at any given point in time.

My Final Verdict:

If you own a small business or a startup and looking for a free and effective HR solution, then go ahead and give Humi a try. You won’t be disappointed that’s for sure, as Humi contains all the important and must have features required for a typical HR solution. Personally, I like Humi as it is cloud-based and completely free to use.

Try “Humi” from here.

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