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Geoquiz is a free website to play geography quiz by recognizing the countries name in which it places an location pin. Actually, what happens is when you start the quiz, it will place a pin anywhere on the world map and you’ve to guess the country in order to proceed. After each correct answer, it will automatically move the pin randomly to another location, and so on. For each correct answer, it rewards you with 1 point but the crucial part is that it comes with a 60-second timer. So, you’ve to guess as many countries as you can within a minute.

You can answer the quiz in two different modes i.e. Text Input and Voice Input.  That means you can either type the country names or speak them out using your microphone. If you want to score more then you should probably use the voice input as typing country names can take more time than speaking them out. Similar to other world geography software, it also assists students to check their geography skill by recognizing the countries all around the world but right on your browser.

geography quiz

If you own an Android phone, then you can go ahead and check out 5 Geography Quiz Apps For Android.

How to Play Geography Quiz Online with Geoquiz:

Step 1: To get started with playing geography quiz, simply visit the homepage of Geoquiz and you’ll be able to see a “Start” button along with the answering modes.

main screen

Step 2: If you wish to type the countries name then choose the “Text Input Mode” and then hit the “Start” button. As soon as you do that, the world map will open up and the 60 seconds timer will also start running. Now, you will see a location pin in any of the countries and a text input field at the bottom of the screen. If you can recognize the country, then type the country name in the input field and hit Enter.

text input mode

Step 3: If your answer is correct, then it will reward you with 1 point and move the pin randomly to another country. You can see all your points at the top-right corner of the screen. Below the “Points” section, there will be a “Time” section where you can see the remaining time left for answering the quiz. You only get 60 seconds to recognize as many countries as possible to score more.

Step 4: Let’s say you don’t know the name of a country where the pin is placed, then all you got to do is type “Skip” in the input field in order to move the pin to another country. Apart from typing countries name, you can also speak out them using your microphone. For this, you’ve to select the “Voice Input Mode” on the homepage before you start the quiz.

Step 5: Once you enter the quiz with the “Voice Input Mode”, you can simply speak out the country name where the location pin is placed on the map. If you don’t know the answer, then simply say “I don’t know” and it will skip the country and move to the next random one. Remember, to make this geography quiz website understand what you’re saying, try to pronounce the words as a native English speaker.

voice input mode

Step 6: Once the timer runs out, it will show how many countries you got right in 60 seconds. To start the quiz again, simply hit the “Again” button and choose the answering mode.


My Final Verdict:

If you’re looking for a fun and interesting website to play geography quiz, then you can try Geoquiz for that. It is a simple website which helps you improve your geography skill by letting you guess the names of all the countries in the world. It places a location pin on the map and you’ve to guess and type or speak out the country name, that’s all.

Try “Geoquiz” from here.

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