Ask Smithsonian: Educational Videos for Common Questions

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Ask Smithsonian is a collection of educational videos for common questions. Its basically a part of Smithsonian website which provides informative and educational contents about History, Science, Innovation, etc..  The Ask Smithsonian part consists of various common questions about History, Science, etc.. and each of them is answered with the help of interactive and entertaining educational videos.

All the videos range from 60-80 seconds in length and are hosted by Eric Schulze. The videos include answer to questions asked by Smithsonian readers. As of now, Ask Smithsonian has a total of 46 educational videos. You can also choose to share the video and even embed at your blog, website, or anywhere you want.

You can check one such Ask Smithsonian video here:

Using Ask Smithsonian Educational Videos for Common Questions:

To watch these videos, you first have to go the Ask Smithsonian web page. You don’t have to be a Smithsonian subscriber to watch any of the videos. You can straight go to the page, browse through the videos, click on the one you like, and start watching it. Quite simple, isn’t it?

Ask Smithsonian page displays videos as shown in screenshot below. Each of the video has a thumbnail image, title of the video mentioning the question, and time duration of the video.

List of Ask Smithsonian Videos

To watch any video, you have to click on the title of the video which you want to watch. All the videos are 60-80 seconds long and are very interactive with lots of animations, relevant clips, and of course the lively personality of Eric Schulze. He explains and answers the question in the easiest possible way.

Playing Smithsonian Video

All the videos also include English sub-titles, in case you are not able to get what Eric Schulze is saying.

You can also choose to share and embed the video wherever you want. The one thing you need to take care is that if you won’t exit the web page, then Ask Smithsonian will keep on playing all the available videos one by one automatically.

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Final Verdict:

Ask Smithsonian is an awesome collection of educational videos for common questions. I liked all the videos personally and couldn’t stop myself from jumping from one video to another. You should give it a try, its definitely worth it.

Try Ask Smithsonian here.

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