Educational Book for iPad to Learn About Insects

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Expedition: Insects is a free educational book for iPad to learn about insects. The book is published by Smithsonian Institution and is aligned with Next Generation Science Standards for grades 3-5. This book tells kids about 6 insects across 5 continents. The book includes habitat, facts, and vital information about each of the insects via video clip, animations, and interesting story-telling. The included insects are: Firefly (Canada), Asia Giant Hornet (Japan), African Dung Beetle (South Africa), Stink Bug (USA), Blue Morpho Butterfly (Costa Rica), and Malaysian Walking Leaf (Malaysia).

According to Wikipedia, Smithsonian Institution is a group of museums and research centers administrated by United States Government. The book is completely free to be downloaded and read. The only thing you need is iBooks app installed on your iPad which comes pre-loaded.

Expeditions- Insects

About This Educational Book for iPad to Learn About Insects:

You can download this book from iTunes Book section or by simply going to iBooks app on your iPad. Other than this, you can also use the link given at end of this article to get the book. After getting the book, tap on the book from your iBooks Library to open it. It will open the book’s first page which is the introduction part.

Intro Part of iPad Book

Tap anywhere on the screen to get options at top: Library, Table of Contents, Notes & Cards, Brightness, Search, and Bookmark. All these options perform actions as suggested by their name. You have to swipe on the screen to turn pages of book. Swipe right for previous page and swipe left for next page. You can also tap on images to view them in enlarged form. As I said, the book covers 6 insects so each of the insect has a single chapter on it.

Reading Options

The Notes & Cards option lets you check notes saved by you for specific chapters. To add notes, tap and hold on the word you want to select and choose Note icon from the options. The Card option is at top left. It lets you practice words and info learnt by you during book reading.

At the end of the complete book reading, it also includes Field Book in which you have to color all the insects about which you learnt.

Field Book

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Final Verdict:

Expeditions: Insects is an awesome educational book for iPad to learn about insects. The book describes all 6 insects via a interesting storytelling method which feels like going on adventurous world tour. Do give this book a try.

Get Expeditions: Insects here.

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