How to Identify Font from Printed Paper using Android Phone

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This tutorial demonstrates how to identify font from printed paper using an Android phone. There is actually a free Android app which allows you to easily identify font from any printed paper just by taking a photo of it. After taking a photo of the paper, it will identify the text and automatically show you which font is used for typing the text. To get a better and accurate result for the fonts, it also allows you to crop and rotate the photo. You can also use the existing photos of any printed paper from your phone gallery to identify fonts.

If you have properly set the photo, then it will be able to show the exact font used. Apart from that, it will also show some of the other matching fonts. This app works quite similar to some websites which take an image as input and identifies the fonts used in the text on the image.

How to Identify Font from Printed Paper using Android Phone:

First, you would need to install the “WhatTheFont” app on your phone. It is available for both Android and iPhone. But, to demonstrate how it works I will use the Android version in this tutorial. The download link is given at the end of this post.

After installation, simply open it up and then you will see the built-in camera on the main screen. Now, what you need to do is simply point the camera to the printed paper and tap on the “Circular” button at the bottom to take a photo.

As soon as you take a photo of the printed paper, it will automatically process the image to recognize and highlight the text. Now, to identify the font, all you gotta do is select an area of the photo that contains the font for cropping. You can select just by dragging the crop box. You will also see an option to rotate the photo for getting a better result.

The app also comes with a separate page where it shows what is the correct way of cropping the photo for better and accurate results.

Once done, simply tap on the “Arrow” button at the bottom to proceed and crop the selected area. When you do that, it will crop the selected area and automatically identify the font. If you have properly taken the photo, and also perfectly cropped or rotated it then it will be able to find the exact font of the text on the printed paper. Apart from the original font, it will also show some of the matching fonts as well.

It even has the option to enter custom text and see how the text will look on all the identified fonts.

Closing Words:

WhatTheFont is a pretty useful and interesting app which makes it simple for you to easily identify fonts from a printed paper just by clicking a photo. Personally, I like this app as it doesn’t only show the correct font but also display many other similar fonts. Go ahead and give it a try.

Get ‘WhatTheFont” app from here.

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