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Streamie is a free real-time Twitter client that updates in real time. For those that want something extra when using Twitter, Streamie is able to provide you with a clear and fast Twitter plugin. If you want to add extra features to Twitter; this free real-time Twitter application is what you need. Streamie is a highly recommended application from many Twitter users, as it provides quite a few benefits for users.

Much like Twitter, Streamie offers users the same URL shortening and quick image uploading as well as other features. However it is the fact that Streamie can be accessed from the Web and is in real-time, that is this free real-time application’s strong selling point. the application works extremely well on Google’s Chrome and Firefox and all indications say that using it on Microsoft’s Explorer, is not a problem either.


To get started using this real-time Twitter client, simply go to the Streamie website, where you’ll be asked to authenticate your Twitter account. Once this authentication has been completed, you’re ready to start using Streamie. As mentioned, the application operates in real-time so when something happens on Twitter, you’ll see it displayed in Streamie instantly. Writing your own message is also quick and very simple. Another difference from Twitter this application has is, when uploading an image or shortening links, you only need to click the mouse and Streamie will do the rest. There is no need for added plug-ins in order to upload images or shorten links.

Other options include moving the mouse over a link and viewing a preview of where the link leads. Reading is also different in that, there is a picture in the tweet. You’ll also see a short piece of conversation without context. If you click on the ‘conversation’ button you are able to read what was written before you logged into the application.

Also check out Twitter Chrome extension, and tweet directly from Chrome address bar.

Should you wish to inform the world of your location, Streamie allows you to set that option. The application is also able to translate, to an extent, various languages. This means you are able to speak with someone in Japan without a language barrier.

Streamie is open source, and encourages you to create your own version of Streamie (if you are a developer). Here is a post that explains how to create your own version of Streamie.

Clearly this free Twitter client application is the future real-time messaging. Its ease of use and clean interface will let you speak to the world minutes after setting up the application. Streamie is definitely a free real-time message client, that many could benefit from.

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