Fliptoast: Free Desktop Client for Facebook, MySpace, Twitter

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Fliptoast is a free desktop client for Facebook, MySpace, Twitter that you can download off of the internet to help you add some convenience to your status updates. If you have more than one social network you participate in then changing your status on each might turn into a chore.

Fliptoast allows you to change your status directly from your desktop. You will be able to pull up a window and change your status to each network at the same time. This will help you save time when you need to tell all your friends that you will be on vacation for a week, or to meet you at the bar later for a concert. You will also be able to use it to keep up with your friends status updates from the desktop as well.


To use Fliptoast you can easily download it from the website and install it to your desktop. In addition to being a facebook desktop client, you can also update your status on such programs as; MySpace or Twitter. You will be able to enter all the different accounts you want to with your passwords. When you are able to enter them all in with their passwords you will be able to really enjoy the one click signups.

Features of FlipToast:

Easily upload pictures to Facebook, MySpace, Twitter

Now when you want to upload a picture you will not have to search for it on your hard drive and wait for it to upload to your network. With Fliptoast you can drag the picture after it is saved to the computer right into the program.

Stay Connected

You will be able to quickly see what your friends are up to without running through each of your programs and signing into each. This is extremely helpful for people with a very busy job who need to see what everyone is doing without taking away from their very busy day. This way they can keep up with who is breaking up, and who is hooking up without missing a beat at work. Social networking is becoming the way we communicate. Chatting, messaging, and sharing makes up most of our conversations these days. This just allows us to be more timely with it.

Chat Feature

You will be able to access the chat features of your social networks directly from the desktop as well. With the click of a button you will be able to see who is online at the moment. You will be able to message your friends instantly and carry on a conversation with them through chat without ever having to open one or more browsers.

Here is a nice video overview of FlipToast:

Download Fliptoast free.

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Works With: Windows, Mac
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