7 hot group connecting web applications that gets you closer to like-minded folks

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When it comes to web applications, what becomes vital is the interface elements that are in demand. The users must not rack their brains when it comes to using these applications. Easy navigation, a neat communicative design and easy to scan are some of the factors that makes people go nuts about applications.

Applications are beyond Facebook or Twitter for that matter. There are a gamut of them in the marketplace; might be a millions of them that could blow off your mind. There are some apps that will help you to connect in groups. The world is moving closer. People now like to share ideas with like-minded folks rather. Watch these applications as they take you to a world of your own!


  1. Twitster: This application now will put your Twitter groups on your website. It is a php open source application and can offer easy a one stop conversation platform for your Twitter groups. Get an instant community on your website in no time as you use Twitster. This gives power to your web portal as you bring together a big number along with the tweets without taking any extra effort. All you need is PHP 4.x or higher and also MySQL 4.x or greater.
  2. Socialight: This is another breakthrough in application arena as Socialight gets on to connect people by offering them stories on places in and around them. It is both a web based and a mobile application. The USP here is quering as well as sorting features that helps a better integration with places as well as the community. So connect with your friends through places and space.
  3. Forums: Start a forum and build your community. This is what you will see when you visit Forums.com. They have morphed the traditional discussion boards into a platform where online groups can just do anything they need to enhance their communities. What is innate with this one-stop group communication platform is that they have a wide range of features from uploading files till hosting agenda based web meetings in no time. The best part is one can customize a community easily and can even have a custom domain or something like yourbrand.forums.com. This definitely does not eat up your brand name. One can even request for features that can make their web connectivity a real treat.
  4. Yuku: Yuku is a another application where you could start a community. From great looking profile galleries till video embedding, Yuku gives all to boost your community activities and it takes a few moments to start a community!
  5. Vanilla Forums: Another breakthrough in Open Source industry has been achieved by Vanilla Forums. This is yet another hosted discussion forum podium that can be set up quickly. It has an interactive interface lets you through the application swiftly. From e-mail notifications, private conversations, enriched profiles, spam filtering till having a customizable URL, Vanilla Forums has it all. There are exciting packages from Vanilla Forums and you can even have CSS based themes or create your own. So no more will have to tackle the hassles of managing your online community activities.
  6. Brightkite: (Update: 2-Sep-2012): Brightkite is dead. Discover and explore the hidden ones with Brightkite. It is one of a kind as it finds out hidden people to add to your social networking list. This is in fact a rich mobile web experience which is location based and goes beyond basic messaging. This is more a social discovery application. So start finding and add more!
  7. vSide: Did you ever consider an online party? Want to visit the most exotic part locations and jive with peppy numbers or a have a nice friends gathering? vSide is one hell of an application that can get your partying sizzling! A completely immersible world full of fun and frolic that endorses the surprising world of boutiques and inviting nearby neighborhoods. Yet another way to have fun in a community of friends! Chill out as you hit the floor!

As you travel across the web, apps will continue to add a zing to your experiences. The magic is seamlessly connecting with your friends or finding them out has now become easier. You only need to log in and the rest of the things are done for you! Just take a pleasure ride and enjoy the trends that makes life look good!

This is a guest post by Debleena Bose; a web enthusiast and a community development manager at Forums.com. She loves to connect people on the web and you can get in touch with her on Twitter @Dbwrd.

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