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Paintbrush is a free paint application for mac, that provides the user with a simple paint program much like the Microsoft’s Paint. Using this application you can make simple images, do some basic editing, and let the kids have some fun.

Paintbrush will not make any serious artist happy, its meant to do very basic stuff. Because Mac does not ship with an application like the paint, Paintbrush is a good alternative paint application for Mac.

paintbrush for mac

This paint application for mac is not intended to replace applications like Gimp, or Adobe Photoshop, instead its aim is to fill the need of a basic and simple image editor for Mac. Paintbrush provides you with a simple environment were you can quickly edit images photos or make doodles.

In more simple terms this application is a clone of Microsoft Paint for Mac OS X. Paintbrush is an extremely simple application it gives you a simple toolbox which allows you to use tools like paintbrush, rubber, color palette, area selector, etc.

How to install Paintbrush for Mac OS X:

This a simple and small application that will work on OS X 10.5 and above for the latest version. But there is an older version that will for with OS X 10.4.

To download the application click here. After the download has been completed just unzip the application and move it to the Application folder and you are done with installation. The link stated above has both the download links for old and the new version of this paint application for MAC

Feature of Paintbrush for Mac:

  • With this paint application for Mac you can open up, edit, and save most of the popular image format like: GIF, TIFF,PNG,JPEG, AND BMP.
  • The application supports the ability to paste images from the clipboard to the application.
  • The application has two parts, a window in which the image is edited, and a toolbar contains all the function that can be performed to the image.
  • When you open up a new file, then the paint application for Mac will ask you for the size of your canvas, this can be seen below. This a really good feature that lets you create a canvas of your own choice according to your need
  • Paintbrush supports image resizing, cropping, canvas resizing, Airbrush, Round Rectangle, Rectangle, Circle, zoom, and Eyedropper etc. I am not much of an artist so just created a few lines and shapes so that you can get the feel of this paint application for mac, which can be seen below.
    Paintbrush sample
  • The color selector will not be available when you open up the application, to make this available just click on the color selector as shown in the screenshot below. This action opens up a toolbox from where you can select the color of your choice.
    Paintbrush how to select colors


The application is simple to use and has a good amount of support for different graphics formats. But this application is limited and only supports very basic features and preferences anyway that’s what the developers probably want it to be.

After I moved to Mac. after a few days the first and foremost thing that I was missing was Paint, while even having other better image editor software (like, Skitch and Photo Effects Lite), but sometimes all you needs are the basics. That’s when I found about Paintbrush, been using it ever since.

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