3 Free Online Workout Log Books to Record, Track Day to Day Exercises

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Here are 3 free online workout log books to record, track day to day exercises. On these websites, you can add the details about the workouts that you do daily and then track them later. If you are just beginner in GYM, then you should log your workouts. Although, there are physical work out log books to do this, but if you want a digital log book for you then you can try these websites. Here you can list all the exercises you do in GYM according to the dates and other details like exercise name, sets, repetitions, and weight that you used for a specific exercise. Some of the following websites also offer a free app for your mobile so you can log the exercises easily.

Work out log books are good way to track all the exercises that you do daily. No matter if you are doing exercises for bodybuilding or weight loss, you have to track them all. This is because if you are not seeing any differences in our body, then you can start auditing your exercise log and then make changes after consulting with your trainer. Also, some of these websites are smart enough to show you your diet plan according to the goal you want to achieve. You just have to specify the personal information like weight, height, goal, etc., and get the diet recommendations.

Workout Log Books to Record, Track Day to Day Exercises

3 Free Online Workout Log Books to Record, Track Day to Day Exercises:


Fitocracy free work out log book online

Fitocracy is one of the best free online workout log books that you can try. It is basically a community where you can create a profile and then add the workout schedule. You can share your work out details with others as well and see schedule of others as well. It allows you to log exercises according to the days. There is a calendar and you can add the exercises in it for specific dates. It offers a built-in search to look for an exercise name and add it to your list. In addition to that, it lets you specify the number of sets along with repetitions. Also, you can specify the weight that you used during an exercise and add some notes to it as well.

Simply sign up for the free plan of the website and then start using it. You can start logging your exercises in it and it will give you points as well. Fill out your personal information in it like age, gender, date of birth, weight, etc. Also, you can join groups and connect with other people. In the Track section, you can log your exercises. Simply search them in the search bar and then drag-drop it in the box. After that specify the sets and repetition along with weight that you used. To save the exercise, simply click on “End Workout”. It will be saved there and you can access it later if you want to track it.



MyFitnessPal is a very good website that you can use to log your daily exercises and track them later. The website is quite powerful and you can easily use it to log daily exercises. Just like website above, it offers you a built-in search to add exercise in your exercise diary along with the information like weight, number of sets, repetitions, etc. And if you are real fitness freak then you can try some apps for your phone and fitness tracker. There is an Apps section on the website that you can use to discover best apps related to the fitness. All the other features of the websites are same as the other ones that I have listed.

Reach the homepage of the website using the above link and then sign up for a free account. After signing up, you can start logging the work outs in it. Simply go to the Exercise section and then enter the details about the exercises that you have performed. Search an exercise in it and then add your daily plan. Specify all the details like sets, reps, notes, etc., and then save them. Later when you want to track this data, simply go to a specific date and analyze the exercise log to see if you need to make some changes in your current exercise pattern.


ShareMyWorkout Free Website

ShareMyWorkout is a simple website that you can use to log your daily workout and track them later. It offers a very simple calendar like interface where you can log all the exercises that you do daily. It allows you to log exercise with the details like weight used, sets, reps, image, a note, etc. You can specify all these details and save the workout data. It keeps saving your work out details in a cascading list. You can access it anytime you want. Here it also allows you to add friends and you can see their workout status as well. However, currently it doesn’t shows the exercises detail of the other people.

You can sign up with your Google account on this website and then start logging your exercises. The interface is very simple. Click on the “+” icon from the top right side and then add the work out for the current date. Specify all the details related to the exercise and then hit the Submit button to save it. You can keep logging the exercises in this way and save them in it. When you want to track them, simply log in and access exercise details of any date. Simple as that.

Final thoughts

These are the best websites to log your daily exercises for free and track them. On all the websites that I have listed, you can easily log all the exercises that you perform daily with all the necessary details. Some of the above websites are really nice as they offer you a whole community of fitness freaks that you can add as friends and share your work out activities and see theirs as well. So, if you are looking for some free online workout log books, then this post will be really useful.

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