5 Free Exercise Apps For iPhone

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Here in this articles, I have compiled a list of 5 free exercise apps for iPhone. You can do and learn various types of exercise activities which will eventually help your health and fitness.

These apps cover exercises for almost all the body parts. You can carry these apps anywhere and any time. Most of these apps also includes video or animated tutorial to help you understand the exercises and workouts in an easier way and without any problems.

Lets have a look at all of them one by one:

1. Nike+ Running:

Nike+ Running

The Nike+ Running is the first exercise app for iPhone. This app is specifically designed to monitor your running habit. You have to start this app when you start running. The app displays the total distance travelled, average pace, and time spent regarding your run in real time as well as at the end of the run. Besides these details, you can check the calories burnt and average Nike Fuel earned after the run. You can also get the tips for better running from within the app via the section called Nike+ Coach. The app can be synced with your Facebook or Nike+ account to track all your runs and compare them.

Get Nike+ Running app here.

2. Fitness Buddy Free:

Fitness Buddy Free

The second exercise app for iPhone is Fitness Buddy Free. This app is like a hub of exercises. You can get exercises for any body part using this app as this app boasts of 1700+ unique exercises with animation and video explanation. The app also includes workouts with the option of letting you to add your own custom workouts.

Get the Fitness Buddy Free here.

3. MyFit Fitness:

MyFit Fitness

The third exercise app is MyFit Fitness. This app also has a wide collection of exercises which you can search using a body map. You have to tap on the body part for which you want to get the exercises. The app also lets you make a specific set of all the exercises related to your goal. These sets are known as Routines in the app. All the exercises are explained with the help of animations. Besides this you can check the stats and activity logs related to your routines and exercises.

Get the MyFit Fitness here.

4. Fitocracy:


The second last exercise app in the list is Fitocracy. This app is like a social networking site aimed specifically for fitness lovers. You can follow and send messages to other Fitocracy users, groups. The app lets you to like and comment on the status of these users and groups. The app gives you points for each workout that you complete. There are various Achievements, Quests, and Challenges to unlock. In short, this app makes all the exercises for you to feel like fun activities.

Get the Fitocracy here.

5. Daily Cardio Workout Free:

Daily Cardio Workout Free

The final exercise app is Daily Cardio Workout Free. This app is specifically designed for cardio workouts. The app has divided the cardio workouts on the basis of 3 categories: 5 min, 8 min, and 10 minutes. You can choose any category and then the corresponding workout. The app comes pre-loaded with videos to help you learn the workouts in a easy way.

Get the Daily Cardio Workout Free here.

These were the 5 free exercise apps for iPhone. All these app have a nice collection of exercises which you can use to get healthy, fit, and in shape. Check out these apps and do share your views with me that which one you like the most.

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