Download Free Royalty Free Illustrations with These 5 Websites

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Here are 5 free websites to download free royalty free illustrations. They offer tons of stunning illustrations which you can download free of charge. The illustrations are royalty-free, which means once you download them you can use them as many times as you want and anywhere you want. One of the best things about all these websites is that they provide illustrations which mostly follow CC0 (Creative Commons Zero) License or are in public domain. That also means you can use them for both personal as well as commercial projects, without giving attribution or credit to the author.

These websites are very easy to use, as all you gotta do is browse them, search for illustrations, and download them. The illustrations are provided in different categories such as Animals, Books, Education, Sports, nature, Landscape, and much more. You can download the illustrations with various file formats including JPEG, PNG, and SVG.

free royalty free illustrations

We have also covered many websites which can be used to download free royalty free images, videos, GIFs, sound effects, paintings, etc.

Now, let us get started with the websites.

Wikimedia Commons:

Wikimedia Commons is probably the best website to download free royalty free illustrations. It offers hundreds of illustrations in categories like Engraved, Books, Avenues, Cartoons, Fairy Tales, Information Graphics, and more. All the illustrations are from public domain and hence doesn’t breach any type of copyright laws. It means you can use them for all your personal projects as well as commercial projects. Some illustrations in public domain might include a few non-copyright restrictions, so it is best to read about the reuse details carefully on illustration preview page.

You can simply open the homepage of Wikimedia Commons and then explore the illustrations by searching for them. To do that just type “illustrations” in the search field and hit Enter. Then it will show all the illustration categories which you can browse and preview the illustrations. You can download them as JPEG files to your PC.

Know more about the License.


Pixabay is also one of the best websites from which you can download royalty free illustrations for free. It provides tons of illustrations in various categories like Education, emotions, Food, People, Science, Sports, Music, Business, and so on. All the illustrations on this website follow the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license. This means you can download and use them for non-commercial and commercial projects. No attribution to the author required. The illustrations are in very good quality and also provides the option to choose different resolutions.

To download illustrations, simply go to the website and then select the “Illustrations” category by click on the “Arrow” icon on the search bar. After that, you can either search for any specific illustration or simply click the “Search” icon. As soon as you do that, it will open up all the royalty free illustrations. You can easily view them on the website or download to your PC as SG, PNG, etc.


PublicDomainPictures is also a free website to download royalty free illustrations. You will find hundreds of illustrations on this website scattered across different categories including Animals, Still Life, Sports, Landscape, Nature, Holidays, and so on. Similar to Pixabay, all the illustrations on this website follow the CC0 license. You can download the illustrations and use them on your projects without attribution, no matter whether they are personal or commercial projects.

After visiting the homepage of this website, simply type “illustrations” on the search bar and click on the “Search” icon. As soon as you do that, it will show you all the available illustrations. You can now easily explore the illustrations, preview them online, and finally download them as JPEG files for free. The image quality of all the illustrations is pretty impressive.


Freerange is another useful website that offers hundreds of royalty-free illustrations. You can download the illustrations completely free of charge. The illustrations on this websites are listed in various categories including Architecture, Cities, Interiors, Arts & Music, Fitness & Health, Landscapes & Nature, and much more. All the illustrations either follow Equalicense or CC0. Both of these licenses allow you to download and use illustrations for personal and commercial projects, without even giving any credit to the author.

When you open this website, you can select the “Illustrations” option in the search bar. After that, type any keyword and hit Enter. Then it will show all the illustrations related to the keyword. You can simply open the illustrations on the website to view them or download them directly as JPEG files. This one also allows you to choose different resolutions before downloading.

Free Stock Photos:

Free Stock Photos is another website which offers free royalty free illustrations for you to download. This one also exhibits a huge collection of illustrations from trees to books, abstracts to cities, and so on. Many of these illustrations follow CC0 license or are from the public domain, which means you can also use them for commercial purposes. Do note that some of the illustrations are listed with CC 4.0 license, Standard License, etc. which does require attribution to the author. So, make sure you read about the license of each illustration while viewing it.

To browse the illustrations, simply open the homepage and then type “illustrations” in the search bar. After that, you need to hit Enter and then it will display all the available illustrations. You can click on the illustrations to view them online, read about them, and download them as PNG or SVG files.

You can read about the license here.

Closing Words:

These are some of the best websites available for you to download free royalty free illustrations. You can download as many illustrations as you want and use them for both commercial and personal projects. Personally, I like all of these websites as they don’t require you to give credit or attribution to the authors for downloading and using the illustrations.

Check them out and let me know on which website you found the best illustrations.

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