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In this article, you will read about various online tools that can help you convert simple or complex texts or words into sign language.

Learning a different language is not easy at all, and to learn the sign language seems a different deal altogether. Although there are different types of online training courses available that can help you learn sign language for better understanding among people with hearing disability, sometimes we need a quick translation for the exact words if we are not so good at learning sign language.

To ease this situation, here we have some online web application for you that can help you search the signs to be conveyed at that exact moment without any hassle. You can pretty much translate most of then text online. So, let us see how these tools work during the time of establishing a communication with people having hearing disability.

Convert Text to Sign Language Online

Here we have listed five web application that can help you convert the simple or complex words and sentences into sign language instantly. Most of these websites use American Sign Language as Natural language for the people with hearing disability. It is primarily used to communicate with people having a hearing disability in USA and Canada. Hence, it is important to remember to use the application consciously.

HandSpeak is a content web application that helps you communicate with culturally deaf people using sign language followed by the codes of American Sign Language or other sign languages. This website consists of the online grammar, dictionary, fingerspelling, literature, ASL writing, etc based on ASL codes that also helps the ASL community to further their knowledge and learn sign language easily.

This website provides result of the searched word in the form of a GIF or video that help you better understand and replicate the movements of hand for ease of communication.

Enter your Work- Handspeak

Result- Handspeak

Try this web application here. 


This is another easy web application that converts simple texts into the sign language in seconds.  When you visit the website, you can easily see the translator on the homepage itself where you can type in your simple English text and the result will be shown in the sign language. Also, you can also see the full chart of the sign language w.r.t. English alphabets by clicking on “Show Alphabets”.

Translate using WeCapable

Try this web application here.


LingoJam is a simple to use web application where you can translate your English text into a sign language on the homepage itself. This website also uses American Sign Language as a base to convert your simple text into the sign language. Specifically, this website converts the English characters used in the sentences into a sign language for a simple understanding of words and sentences as a whole.

Translate using LingoJam

Try this web application here.

Fun Translations

As the name suggests, this website is more than just a sign language translator. Only one part of it consists of the sign language or finger-spelling (using fingers to explains the English letter). There are other types of translator available on the website, some can prove to be really good and some translations can be just for fun  (for example the Dothraki Translator).

Even with so many options of translations, you can rely on the sign language translator on the website as this website uses a simple finger-spelling to convert your English sentence into the sign language sentence.

Enter your text- Fun Translations

Sign Language Result- Fun Translations

Try this web application for sign language here.

For other fun translations, click here.

Deaf Alphabet

Deal Alphabet also used the same American Sign Language protocol to translate the written English text into a sign language. This web application can be accessed on the homepage itself. You can simple past your English sentence on the space given on the left side of the website, and within seconds the website will show you the results.

Enter your text- Deafalphabets

Fingerspelling per alphabet

Try this web application here.

In brief

All these web applications work on the same feature of using the American Sign Language as their protocol to convert the English sentence into a sign language. It can be seen that this protocol used finger-spelling as its base to convert the complex English sentences into the sign language. This language evolved into a natural language in the Deaf community and hence used in the USA and Canada predominantly to communicate with people having hearing disabilities.

These tools can be used when you are in immediate need to communicate in the sign language. However, if you are looking for training in the sign language, we shall recommend you to take up a training course provided by various online training centers for better understanding and communication vocabulary.

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