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Short URL Resolver is a free Android app which lets you check the original URL behind the shortened URL. The app works well with various URL shorteners like,,, etc.. It helps you in preventing the opening of any unwanted URL straight away.

Although, the app provides you with the option whether you want to open the web page manually or let the app do it automatically. You can also choose to keep a log of all the URLs resolved by the app.

Resolved URL

Using the Short URL Resolver on Android:

When you have installed the Short URL Resolver, launch it to adjust a few settings as per your choice. On launching the app, you will see a list of various options. But you have to care about only following options: Confirmation, Vibrate, and Keep URL Log.

App Settings

  • Confirmation: Enable this option if you don’t want the app to open the URLs automatically. When enabled, you will get the option to decide whether you want to open a URL or not.
  • Vibrate: Enable this option if you want your phone to vibrate when a URL is resolved successfully.
  • Keep URL Log: Enable this option if you want the app to keep a log of all the URLs resolved using it.

When you’ve made the changes, exit the app and go to any app which has a short URL. In the screenshot, you can see that I’ve opened an email which includes a short URL. You need to tap on the URL and it will give you a pop-up to choose the app. Choose Short URL Resolver from the list.

Opening Short URL

The app will start resolving the short URL and once it’s done, it will show you the pop-up with the complete URL along with an option called Open. If you think that the URL is safe, tap on Open to visit the webpage. Do remember that the app will show you the pop-up only if you’ve enabled the Confirmation option in the app settings. This way, you can resolve any of the short URLs you find in any app.

Resolved URL

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Final Verdict:

Short URL Resolver is an awesome Android app to resolve short URLs quickly and easily. I loved using the app as it does what it says. Do give it a try if you also want to keep yourself away from the suspicious looking URLs.

Get Short URL Resolver app here.

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