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Unfurlr is a free website to see the long URLs behind short URLs, and also see if it is safe to open those short URLs. For example, if you see a short URL shared on a social network or in an email, then before you actually click on that URL, you can copy that URL to this website and see the actual long URL underneath it, as well as see complete threat analysis for that URL.

The Unfurlr website is a product of the same company which is the owner of world famous email newsletter management service MailChimp.

Apart from just checking the long URL behind short URL, it also displays URL’s safety score across different parameters which are fetched from Web of Trust. It also provides a link for checking the McAfee Threat Analysis for the URL entered by you. The other good feature of the website is that it lets you choose the User Agent to Spoof for fetching the reliability scores.

Domain Analysis

How to Check Long URLs Behind Short URLs:

You don’t have to register with Unfurlr for using its services. On opening this website in your browser, you will see the interface as shown in the screenshot below. You have to enter the short URL in the given text box for which you want to check the long URL.

Enter URL to Check

In the results, the Unfurlr will display the long URL along with the short URL which you entered.  Here, you can see the User Agent same, HTTP Status, HTTP headers, script tags, embed tags, object tags, etc..

URL Tested

This way, you can check the long URL behind any short URL by just entering it in the text box and clicking the Check It option.

Below the long URL, Unfurlr also displays the domain analysis which is fetched via Web of Trust. It has following sections: Domain, Description, Reputation, and Confidence. The website shows rating out of 100. The parameters having score above 50 are displayed with Green circle and the ones with below 50 are with Red circle.

Domain Analysis

The Unfurlr shows the scores for all the reference URLs for the following parameters: Trustworthiness, Vendor Reliability, Privacy, and Child Safety. For each of the parameter, it also shows the Confidence level.

Just below each of the URL scanned, you will find a link to the McAfee Threat Intelligence page. Click on it to view the results. The results are shown on McAfee website, which opens in the new tab.

McAfee Threat Intelligence

The website also lets you choose the User Agent to Spoof before checking the long URL behind the short URL. To choose, you have to click on Advance Options. It provides you with a list of multiple user agents (browsers) which you can use to spoof and get the reliability score of the URL entered by you.

User Agent Spoof

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Final Verdict:

Unfurlr is a good website to check the reliability score of any normal or short URL in one click. The website covers all the important parameters. You can use this website to check how reliable is any particular URL.

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