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Breaking News is a free Windows 8 news app, and using this breaking news app for Windows 8 you can get all the latest up-to-the-minute hot breaking news from all around the world. The app continuously runs in the background and updates unceasingly to provide you all the breaking news. It gathers all the hot breaking news from different top news sources, and offers them in one single platform. This Breaking news app is a client app of, which is probably one of the best breaking news source on the web.

If you want to stay continuously updated with the biggest breaking stories as they happen 24/7, then this is the app for you. You can get this free Breaking news app for Windows 8 under the News & Weather category in Windows Store, or Make use of the Windows 8 Search Charm (Win + Q).

Breaking News - Bulletin Board Screen

Specifics of this breaking news app for Windows 8:

This breaking news app is backed up by NBC News Digital Network. So all the news stories that you get and read are reliable real-time feeds which focuses only on the important details by removing all the unconfirmed and duplicate facts and details.

Breaking News - News Story

This free Windows 8 news app is pretty handy specially when you want to get the news on the go. This breaking news app contains both short as well as long news as per the need. The headlines are pretty catchy. The news stories are sharply written and covers only the interesting details. But this doesn’t mean that there’s any compromise in the quality and amount of information. The news stories are perfectly detailed and are easy to understand.

The moment you launch the app, you’ll get the bulletin board screen which lists all the biggest breaking news headlines from all around the world; as they happen 24 hours a day. The news headlines are arranged on the basis of freshness. With the most fresh news at the top of the list, then follows a little old news, then more old, and it goes on. There are enough news articles on this screen. In case you want to read more older news, for instance a day old or week old etc. then click on Read more on button at the end of the list.

Breaking News - button to read more news

A click on this button opens the BreakingNews official website within the app, and you can access it as the way you do in web browser. Now this does improve the utility of the app, because you are getting the whole website within the app.

Breaking News - tab

Simply click on the news headline and the app opens the webpage of the website where it was blogged (posted) within the app itself. Reading breaking news stories within the app was a pretty good experience. The user interface looks good and switching between different news stories is smooth. Besides these one good feature that I liked about the app is it lets you share the news you like with your friends using the Windows 8 Share Charm (Win + H).

Breaking News - sharing news story

Key features of this Windows 8 breaking news app:

  • Freely available.
  • Good Windows 8 breaking news app.
  • Backed up by NBC News Digital Network.
  • Includes multiple good news sources, some which includes: Reuters, The Associates Press, BBC World, Bloomberg News, and NBC News etc.
  • Shows news on freshest first basis.
  • Integrated with Windows 8 Share and Settings charms.
  • Live tiles on Start screen.

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Final take on this news reader app:

Breaking News is a good Windows 8 breaking news app. It’s fast and easy to use. The news gives pretty good information, I liked the fact that the news are kept as crisp as possible. Although, if the app would have included some other features like pining an article and marking an article as your favorite, then it would have been nice. Still, I liked the app, it’s functional and fulfills what it advertises. Hands down a good free Windows 8 news reader app.

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Get Breaking News here.

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